High School Information

The BCS secondary school curriculum prepares students for Christian adulthood as well as an advanced education.

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Subject-by-Subject Missions
The BCS middle school curriculum prepares students for Christian adolescence, as well as an advanced education that provides a strong base for their high school career.  As the student enters high school, the BCS curriculum prepares young adult minds for entry into institutes of higher learning, but also stresses learning from a Christian perspective.
Subject-by-subject objectives are as follows:


The mission of the Mathematics curriculum is to guide instruction and activities which enhance a student’s knowledge and understanding of the disciplines of Mathematics. The curriculum will provide opportunities for students to develop skills and attitudes that allow them to function in today’s technological society.


The mission of the Science curriculum is to guide instruction and activities which enhance a student’s knowledge and understanding of God’s world. It is also to provide opportunities to develop investigative and decision-making skills. Finally, the curriculum should prepare students to become contributing members of society who understand the relationships between science, technology, and society; and, members who evaluate the implications of technological achievements within a Christian framework.


Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum will guide students to recognize God as the creator of the universe, as active in history, and as the source of its ultimate direction; and, will encourage them to think and act on that knowledge. Within a framework of a God-ordered universe, a Christian Social Studies curriculum should provide each student with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and competence necessary for lives of commitment, service, and contribution to the Father and to others.


English Language Arts
The Christian Language Arts curriculum seeks to enable students to choose to glorify the Creator by helping them develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills within the established framework of the English language. The study of literature is designed to enlarge the students’ understanding of God and human nature, and to enable them to apply this insight in daily living.


The mission of the Bible curriculum is to lead students to love God by teaching the truths on which Christian faith is based, to nurture biblical faith among our students that will be exhibited in their attributes and actions, both publicly and privately, and to help students incorporate the Christian faith so that they will seek to pass on their faith to others and genuinely participate in the community of faith.


Physical Education
The mission of BCS Physical Education is to provide students with opportunities to develop spiritual, physical, and social aspects of life necessary to glorify God in all areas of their life. In Physical Education, students acquire basic skills for movement that provide the foundation for continued social and spiritual development through team sports, and access to a physically active lifestyle. The student understands the importance of physical activity and develops skills that will be used throughout the life span.


General Electives

​Personal Finance*
SAT Test Prep
​Study Hall
​Classroom Aide
Office Aide


Fine Arts Electives

Art I
​Art II
​Art Appreciation*
​Contract Art
​Jazz Band
​High School Choir
​Encore (Honor Choir)
​Music History*
​Music Theory*
Competitive Speech
​Theater Production
​Theater Performance I
​Theater Performance II
Theater Tech

*Not offered every year