9th Grade

Freshman Pathway

Freshmen are urged to take a challenging curriculum. However, there is no point in pressuring them to take a combination of courses that will become unmanageable, and cause them to do poorly during their first venture in high school.  Although colleges have differing course requirements, the majority fall in line with the Brentwood High School graduation requirements. Freshmen should focus their efforts, and attempt to become the type of students who can be described as “working to their potential.” There is no greater praise of a student. Students should also begin building relationships with their teachers. Their input may become critical as they inquire about colleges and as they do their course planning for the sophomore year.

Freshman "To Do" list:

Campus clubs: Provide students with a wide range of interests to meet other like-minded students, as well community service & leadership opportunities!

Counseling office: All students should become acquainted with their counselors, which is located in C-217 next door to the registrar’s office. You can investigate colleges and careers that seem to suit your interests and then gather information about them.