BCS Musical 2015 Highlights and Experiences

By BCS Communications | December 7, 2015 10:59am CST


Our orchestra was made up of all students and adult volunteers. The adult volunteers were friends of the school, teachers, or contacts made through the home school choral group that rents our theater in the summer. It was a very strong group. I don’t think we could have done any better with paid musicians.

Our keyboard player, Kevin, just had his second baby and was on paternity leave from IBM. Georgia, our 1st violinist, is a classically trained professional player and mother of a home school student. Mel Witcher played with us yet again, giving up many hours of his personal time. BCS alumni Adam Cammack and Matthew Scarborough played with us as well. Matthew even learned how to play the clarinet a few weeks before the show to help cover the part. Former BCS parent David Martin played the bass for us. Our lead trumpet player in the pit orchestra was Dan Evans who has played in our last two musicals. He works for an instrument road case company in Round Rock and is a very fine trumpet player. Playing the 2nd trumpet book next to Dan was a great experience for BCS student Jacob Yager. Dan taught Jacob a lot about playing the trumpet and gave him advice on increasing his range.


Mr. McMeen and Ms. Alexander worked very well together and always had a rehearsal plan for each week. It was clear to students when they were called and when they didn’t need to be at rehearsal. Very little time was wasted and rehearsals were run very well. Our students were well prepared and could have performed the show a week before opening night. Unlike previous years, students didn’t miss any class time for last-minute preparations for the musical.

Sound & Audio

Another contact we made through the home school group is one of their dads, Scott Anderson who runs a successful audio mixing business. Scott donated his time and equipment to BCS as our “sound consultant” and this resulted in our best sounding show ever. Scott worked closely with BCS student John Hollingsworth. Scott and John have worked together a couple of times before and Scott is very impressed with John’s knowledge and ability. He’s offered John an internship if the opportunity arises. This has been a great relationship for John, who is planning a career in this industry.


The video production of the musical was created and donated by a BCS family, the Guthries, who own and run Altared Weddings. Ryan Guthrie was also impressed with John after watching him run sound for the musical and even hired John to work for him part-time preparing for their events and productions.


The Christian Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) is the home school group that rents our theater for their summer musical. They happened to also choose Seussical for their show this year. We worked with CAPA on the set and props, sharing resources and manpower. This gave us a huge head start on our show. Many of the set pieces and props we used were from the summer CAPA show and we also used some of the same pit orchestra musicians. A large group of CAPA parents and students attended our opening night. This has been a very positive relationship for us.

Choreography & Lighting

We had a very positive experience with our choreographer and lighting designer. It was refreshing to have a lighting designer who was smart, competent, and independent. The lighting for the show was very professional. Shortly before opening night our lighting board went down and having connections once again paid off. One of the member of the Gilbert and Sullivan crew let us borrow his personal board until we could get things going again. Our choreographer was also great and put in far more time with the kids than she needed to. She did a wonderful job choreographing the show and preparing the students.

Musical Recording

I also wanted to share the video of our show. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. We're grateful to the Guthrie family for donating their time and resources. The video can be found at https://vimeo.com/143313215. The password is "seussical".


Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy Seussical the Musical!

Travis Pollard
Fine Arts Department Chair
Brentwood Christian School