Financial Aid

Brentwood Christian School is pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to families who are currently enrolled in Brentwood, have a strong commitment to Christian education, but are struggling financially. Consideration for financial aid is initiated by request of the family and any award given is based on demonstrated financial need. Also, they must be active members of a Christian church for a minimum of one year, a requirement that is verified in the application process. Preference will be given to families that are demonstrated as regular, active participants in the work of their church body.

Brentwood is also able to allow financial aid application for new families, with the additional requirements as follows. The family must have submitted an application for enrollment, and they must have paid the application fee prior to making application for a financial aid scholarship.

For the 2015-16 school year Brentwood Christian School will be using the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) web-based financial aid assessment software, which allows parents to make real-time adjustments to their application data as their financial situation changes throughout the application period.

The following information is commonly included and will be evaluated in our parents’ applications as is applicable:

2014 tax return (or equivalent financial information)
2014 W-2 form(s)
2014 1099 form(s) (if applicable)

   - Your interest in Brentwood
   - Your need for aid
   - Your church or other religious affiliation and related activity

Payment of $41 is due at the time of application submission and is payable by credit card or by voucher. Vouchers will be available for purchase at BCS Bookkeeping. Please complete your application by May 15, 2015 for timely consideration and completion of the financial aid process. BCS will notify you when a determination has been made.