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A Letter From Our Principal:

Every one of my 30 years as principal has served to deepen my love for our school, our faculty and staff, our students, and our families.  I love this school for its mission, and I love this school for its families.  BCS families are some of the finest you will ever meet.

Our Children’s Ark preschool and K-5 elementary program create a nurturing environment and provide a solid foundation for college-preparatory education.  Elementary teachers work closely with secondary teachers in vertical teams to align curriculum from bottom to top, ensuring that instruction is solid and seamless in its coverage.  Teachers implement highly-developed curriculum and a wide variety of resources in teaching our core subjects at every level.

The elementary program provides invaluable assets beyond the basic curriculum. 

Our students perform exceptionally well at district and state levels in academic competitions, and our classes rank in the top two percent in the nation on standardized achievement tests. 

Founded in 1963, BCS has established a strong program with a rich tradition.

But I began by saying that I love this school because of its mission:

The mission of Brentwood Christian School is to lead students to love God
and to nurture them in a Christ-centered academic environment 
that emphasizes excellence and inspires them to develop their God-given talents
for lives of Christian leadership and service.

The heart of that mission is the first 13 words.  Our mission is to lead our students to love God.  We take seriously the words of Jesus in Mark 8:36:  “What good is it for a person to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”  Our goal is to prepare the children we serve to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in living lives that honor God.  We welcome families who share this noble goal.

In Him,
Libby Weed

Libby Weed
Elementary Principal/Vice President of Curriculum
Ph: 512-835-5983 ext.101