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The Brentwood Christian Bears Athletic mission is to enrich the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of all student-athletes by providing Christ-centered competitive opportunities in which the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, integrity, and commitment are emphasized.

We strongly believe that the athletic experience is an integral part of the educational system. Our student-athletes are of the highest priority and they obtain positive educational benefits from athletics such as the responsibility towards oneself, towards their teammates, towards their teachers, and towards their coaches. In order to establish and maintain the concept of a total student-athlete in our program; we have centered on what is the best way for our athletes to be successful, which is to set high expectations for them. The responsibility is then to give them the tools needed for them to succeed and together we will build that tradition of excellence on and off of the field. It will not be easy but we trust that you will do everything possible to accomplish your goals; as well as, our team goals.

We want everyone in our Athletic program to GO HARD (God – Opportunity – Hard work – Attitude – Respect – Discipline) to make a difference on their teams, for our school, and in their lives. What we all do on a daily basis will not only make us better but it will also make us stronger. We honestly feel that there is no reason why our teams can’t achieve great things in 2020-2021. We will do it our way, the Brentwood Christian Bear Pride way. We love you, we thank you and God Bless each one of you!

Jeffrey Doege
Athletic Director

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