Learning with a Higher Purpose

BCS is more than just a school, we’re a community. Find out what sets us apart.

Jog-A-Fun 2018

Join us November 14th for our annual Jog-A-Fun! Don’t forget to send out your 20 letters. Let’s raise some money for BCS!


Heroes Among Us

Everybody loves heroes and everybody has heroes. The heroes of our imagination wear capes and have powers beyond human ability and can change the course of humanity with their superpowers. The box offices at movie theaters are overrun with super men and wonderful...

The Most Important Lessons

I often look back on my own path and think about why those of us who teach continue to do what we do year after year. One thing I think we must all have in common is that at some point in our academic career we had a teacher that inspired us or changed us in some way....

The Benefits of Books

What would you do if you found something that would increase your child’s achievement at school, increase their vocabulary and verbal intelligence, help your child develop empathy for others, increase their general knowledge about the world, make them a better writer,...