Learning with a Higher Purpose

BCS is more than just a school, we’re a community. Find out what sets us apart.

Admissions Open House

Join us on Sunday, February 24th from 2-4pm for our Admissions Open House. During this time you can enjoy refreshments, take a tour of the campus, and meet with students and faculty.


In This Place: Where Is God?

  It was a cool August night, and I was laying in my hammock staring up in awe at a canopy of trees and starts. My younger brother and I were on a two-week backpacking trip through New Mexico and Arizona, and tonight we’re staying in the Coconino national forest. I...

I Think I Can: Having a Growth Mindset

Over the years, I have frequently been asked by parents what they can do to help their children in school. My answer has varied over the years, but I am now convinced that one of the most important things parents can do for their children is to help them to have a...

Running: An Unexpected Blessing

My first experience with running as a sport came my 7th grade year.  As a basketball player, we were told track would be our offseason program.  On the first day, the coach lined us all up along the football field end zone line.  As the whistle blew, we sprinted...