Extended Day Program

Why Choose The Extended Day Program?

Large variety of program offerings including: school work and homework resources, enrichment activities/clubs, and creative play.

Individual/1:1 time between students and
teachers to engage and work together.

Strong partnership between students, parents and teachers.

Opportunity to engage and create relationships with other families in the BCS community.

Able to quickly and efficiently address student and family needs and provide a program for each student.


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Available Programs


Morning (7:00am-7:45am)
– All Grades
– Students may bring own breakfast

Kindergarten (K4 & K5)
– Students escorted to Extended Day
– Devotional (reading with questions, answers, role play, craft or activity)
– Centers and table craft (rotating art activity, games, toys, puzzles)
PICK UP for 3:30/Carpool
– Snack (provided)
– Reading and homework
– Recess
– Floor play (puzzles, games, resting)

1st & 2nd Grade 
– Word of the Day
– Daily Special Activity, Centers (Art, Imagination, Building, Home, Math & Science, Games, Reading, Technology)
PICK UP for 3:30/Carpool
– Snack (provided)
– Recess
– Homework & Quiet Time *
– Centers (Art, Imagination, Building, Home, Math & Science, Games, Reading, Technology)
– Classroom Play

3rd-5th Grade
– Snack (provided)
– Homework & Quiet Time *
– Recess
– Enrichment Clubs (Creative Kitchen, Lights, Camera, ACT, Jewelry Making Club, Gross Science Club, Art Masters Club, Building/Engineering Club, Meditation Club, Memory Makers Club)
– Games

Study Hall (Secondary School)
– Quiet Time
– Homework Assistance
– Free Time
– Coordinated around extra-curriculars
– Students may bring own snacks

* Homework: (Sept-Apr) Members of the National Junior Honor Society visit during this time to provide homework assistance. Students may also take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests during this time.


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What are families saying…


There are many times I get off work early and come pick up my son early at Extended Day, but sometimes he gets mad at me because he wants to stay longer to play or see friends. I also love all the teachers there. They are attentive, kind, and seem to have fun with the kids. All this is done with a touch of discipline and love. I love BCS for that! Best team ever!!!
– Monika Szczygiel-Lahoz, 2nd Grade Parent


Extended Day has a lot of activities and games. I love playing games with my friends after school.
– Natalie Fogle, 3rd Grade Student


Extended Day is truly an extension of the BCS culture; my two children have been attending for as long as they have attended BCS. The staff is kind, caring and engaged with the students on a daily basis; they genuinely care about making each day a great experience for everyone. They offer games and activities, special clubs (such as cooking and science), homework assistance and overall loving guidance. The students are also able to interact with some of the BCS high school student assistants, adding a valuable level of mentorship to the program.
– Lisa Lee, 2nd & 5th Grade Parent



De Shondra Booker
Extended Day Program Director
Ph: 512-835-5983 x111

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