Track & Field

Track is a very unique sport that combines both the individual and team aspects of competition. Running requires time and energy, physical stamina and mental focus. So many life lessons can be learned from running and it is no surprise that Paul uses the image of a runner more than once in his letters to the church to parallel the challenges we face and the goals we should have as we run this race of life. Running and coaching has shaped my life in many ways. Through my experiences with running I have made friendships, learned to push myself beyond what I thought possible, experienced the joy of victory, and learned to handle disappointment. God has used this sport to place me here at BCS, where I can share the lessons I have learned with other young runners and hopefully encourage them to experience the benefits and blessings God has provided us through His gift of running.

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Julie Walker
Athletic Director
(512) 835-5983 ext. 130

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