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Welcome to Brentwood Christian School. As I enter my 7th year at Brentwood, I still know that I’m blessed to be a member of the BCS family.

I’ve said it many times, and I believe that we have great students! Our students are wonderful. They come to school every day ready to learn. They support and encourage one another in their academics and in their spiritual lives. When difficulties arise, they work together to solve their problems through God’s word and Christ’s example. They’re respectful to their teachers and peers, and they do their best to do what is right.

My top priority is to lead students to love God and for them to know that God loves each of them. I want students to learn that God is a good God, who created them and the He wants what’s best for them. We do this through a variety of ways including: providing spiritually-led Bible teachers, offering uplifting and spiritually grounded weekly chapel services, and carefully considering how we implement our Spiritual Emphasis Days.

Since I’ve been at BCS, academic successes have continued to soar. Students participating and scoring at top levels in Private Schools Interscholastic Competitions (PSIA), Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Competitions (TCSIT), and Texas Academic Parochial Schools (TAPPS) competitions have increased yearly. SAT and ACT scores continually rise, and we are achieving at levels far above other private schools in the area.

Our students’ social life is of the utmost importance at school. I believe that when a student’s social life is on track, they can and are able to learn everything we want to teach them. That’s why we offer so many extracurricular opportunities. Students can participate in spiritual activities, academic competitions, fine arts, athletics, safety patrol, mentoring, etc. Students can participate in any and all of these activities during the same academic school year. Our goal is to teach and grow the entire child.

Every new year brings many changes as will this year. What will not change is our mission to lead students to love God and to nurture them in a Christ-centered academic environment that emphasizes excellence and inspires them to develop their God given talents for lives of Christian leadership and service.

With thoughts and prayers,
Carol Johnson
Secondary Principal


Carol Johnson
Secondary Principal
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