High School Test & Projects

BCS Parents and Students,

Welcome to the High School Test/Project Calendar that is available online for your viewing.

The High School Test/Project Calendar will allow you to see the upcoming tests and projects your child has at Brentwood Christian School.

  • High school students will have no more than two tests per day, and tests and projects may occur simultaneously.
  • The calendar will show when projects are assigned and their due dates. Some projects that are planned yearly are on the calendar at the beginning of the school year. An example of this is the Masters of Science and Engineering Project (MSE) that BCS students complete.

RenWeb will remain our system of record, but the Test/Project Calendar is a value we’ve added for you, the BCS Community, in order for you to see upcoming academic activities.

The calendar is subject to change as the teacher deems it necessary for student achievement and success.

With thoughts and prayers,
Carol Johnson
High School Principal

Carol Johnson,
High School Principal
Brentwood Christian School
512-835-5983 x124

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