Brentwood Christian School (BCS) is an outstanding academic institution, a passionate leader in fine arts, a fiery competitor in athletics, and a nationally recognized accredited leader in education.  But BCS is so much more to our students and our families:  BCS is a community; it is our community.

BCS is not just a school.  It is a place where students will receive an excellent Christ-centered, college preparatory education and they will also receive an incredibly well rounded extra and co-curricular experience.  While the students are participating in the many extra and co-curricular opportunities, the families will be a part of a community that offers family nights, talent shows, sell-out games, unmatched musicals, all-level arts, Parents-in-Prayer groups, boosters for sports and arts, and many events meant to bring BCS families together so that our students and our families can celebrate the joy of opportunity, education and family.

It is like having a small town school district in a large city.  Everyone shows up to support the kids and everyone knows the students’ names.

BCS students are very well prepared for college, as they should be.  Lots of students from lots of schools are well prepared for college.  However, BCS students also have Christ at the center of all they are learning and all they are doing.  This means they are prepared spiritually for life when they leave our halls.  Our students have also had their families and the families of their friends as part of their very active community for many years.  This means they have a strong family preparation for life.

Too many students today are entering higher education with book knowledge but no true life knowledge.  BCS students graduate with an excellent academic career, a close walk with Christ, a community of families who will cherish them as family, and an understanding of how to set true values and priorities for the things that matter most – the hearts, minds, and souls of their fellow man. It is a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!

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