Blessing Our Bears – Financial Aid

What a year it has been for the Bears of Brentwood Christian School! BCS has long been a shining example of young people who love God and use manners and pay respect to those who respect is due. It has long been a place where teachers and administrators sacrifice to make the mission of the school their personal mission and their personal ministry. It has long been a school worthy of prayer and support. But, even with its long and proud history, this has been an unparalleled and even historic year for Brentwood Christian School!

This past year BCS captured the Academic State Championship for the large school division of TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) – 5A. This is after having been bumped up to 5A this past year after having won the 4A Academic State Championship. This means that BCS beat the large private schools across Texas for the title of Academic State Champions. But this was just the beginning. BCS also won the PSIA State Academic Championship which is the statewide academic state championship for private middle schools. But this wasn’t the end. BCS also won the middle school and high school State Academic Championship for parochial schools across Texas at TCSIT. This means that BCS won every state academic championship for middle and high schools for private and parochial schools across Texas. As Kelly Moore, the president of the National Christian School Association said,

“There is no record of any school achieving success of this magnitude and BCS has set a standard in academic success that will stand for years to come.”

Yet in the midst of a year that has seen BCS take the mantle of top private academic schools the amazing thing that has stood out has been the humbleness and kind-spiritedness of our students. As our students were winning these historic accolades, they were also in the performing rooms and at the academic meets applauding for and lifting up their competitors. The only thing that can match their unparalleled accomplishments is the grace with which they achieved and the spirit in which they won. You should be VERY proud of your BCS Bears!

Now please consider this, nearly half of the students who set this incredible academic standard received some form of tuition reduction with nearly 15% of those students receiving significant financial aid in order to continue their education at BCS. The students who are accomplishing things that no other private school in Texas history has accomplished are not entitled and do not come from wealthy families. These are students from families who are making sacrifices so that their children can receive an education that positions them for college scholarships so that they can become the difference makers of tomorrow. These are families who are sacrificing so that their children can learn in an environment that places Christ as the purpose of knowledge! There are many BCS students who would not be at BCS and would not be accomplishing these incredible things if it were not for the support of people like you who bless our Bears with the gift of education.

Blessing Our Bears is the BCS financial aid program that distributes 100% of every dollar given to tuition relief for families in need. As you consider supporting Blessing our Bears consider this, over the past 3 years the graduating classes of BCS, a total of 168 students, have received $7,120,085 in college scholarships. That is $42,381 in college scholarships per graduate. Again, nearly half of these graduates were on some form of tuition reduction with nearly 15% receiving financial aid that totaled as much as 50% of their tuition. These are students from families that have sacrificed to invest in their children’s future at BCS so that their child can attend college not only prepared academically, socially and spiritually, but with the ability to receive scholarships so that college becomes attainable. I cannot think of a better Return on Investment from a philanthropic standpoint. Your gift to Blessing Our Bears goes 100% to the financial benefit of students in need. Those students, in turn, are challenged and they accept and rejoice in the opportunity and they turn that opportunity into historical success for our school and personal gain through scholarships that make college a reality. And we give God the glory every step of the way!

We talk a lot about the BCS community and how it is what sets our school apart. Our community rallies around our students. We celebrate their victories and cheer them on in competition. We also expect them to work and expect them to be courteous and use manners and speak with intent and pure purpose. We expect them to appreciate the opportunity and work for achievements and glorify God in both. The partnership of BCS with the parents and students that make up our community has allowed the mission of BCS, which is to lead students to love God, to exist. We have emphasized excellence and our Bears have responded. And now our Bears are preparing for lives of Christian leadership and service because of the opportunity made possible by those of you who choose to give a Bear the opportunity to have an incredible education in a place that centers all knowledge on Christ.

I pray your summer is peaceful, restful and fun. I pray it is blessed. I also pray you will consider passing your blessings forward to other BCS families and will consider Blessing our Bears.

After all, it’s a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!

Jay Burcham

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