Blessing Our Bears – Financial Aid

There are so many aspects of our community that make the BCS experience special: the incredible support of our parents for all students whether on the field of play, on the stage, or in the classroom; the involvement in making academics at BCS second to none; the fact that class parties, teacher support, and VIP hours are common, all point to the wonderful community of families that make BCS a true community that surrounds and supports our children. Our parents are here and involved!

BCS has taken great strides over many years to be as family friendly as possible and to make sure it is as attainable as possible for middle income families.

Did you know that we have students at BCS who make great grades and have terrific citizenship scores and will work hard to be honor students and end their time at BCS graduating with significant scholarships – and their time at BCS will have been made possible by financial aid?

We actively work with families in need of financial aid for tuition relief to assure their children can maintain their place at BCS. Using a third party to determine level of need, BCS will award up to a 50% assistance in tuition for those families who need help.  We have single mothers working two jobs who need help to make sure their child gets a terrific Christ-centered education. We have dads who lose their job and need temporary assistance until they can get a new job and back on their feet. We have families struggling but still wanting to give their kids an education that understands that Christ is the purpose of knowledge. BCS actively works with our families to make sure our students have the opportunity to receive a world class education that glorifies Christ. Last year BCS assisted 55 students with more than $160,000 in direct financial aid.

We often talk at BCS about the blessing of our community. We talk about how our community supports our students like no other school. Our students know that you will be in the stands and in the theaters.  We need to make sure our students will be in the classroom. Please consider helping our families in need through your financial support. This ongoing effort is a direct line to the BCS Financial Aid Program – “Blessing our Bears.” Every dollar given through this effort will go directly to financial aid and directly to a BCS student and family in need. Applications for aid are coming in daily and your ability to impact the life of another student is very real. Whether sending a single gift, an ongoing commitment, or a monthly payroll matching deduction, this gift will go straight to keeping a child at BCS. This gift will bless a Bear.

I pray your summer is peaceful, restful and fun. I pray it is blessed. I also pray you will consider passing your blessings forward to other BCS families and will consider Blessing our Bears.

After all, it’s a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!