Theater Arts

Theatre Arts Class

Theatre Arts Class is made up of 9-12th graders with various levels of experience in acting. The class is an introduction and overview of the basic skills required to understand fundamentals on and off of the stage. Students develop a wide range of skills which will transfer into any career.  Student also learn how theatre can be a part of God’s work in the world.
Theatre Arts is less of a class directed by the teacher and more:

  • Experimental-Hands-on
  • Active Learning
  • Demonstration, coaching, mentoring
  • Developing higher order thinking
  • Heterogeneous classes


Theatre Production Class

Theatre Production Class is also made up of 9-12th graders with little or no experience in theatre. This class offers work in actor training, production, and script analysis. Students will be introduced to contemporary acting process theories and be given opportunities for their application. Particular emphasis is given to character analysis and development as well as related group projects dealing with production and performances. Self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to group efforts are critical for a student’s success in this class.


Jr. High Drama

7th and 8th grade – focuses mainly on basic acting skills, theatre history, reading and comprehending plays, basic stagecraft, and general technical aspects. Performances will be restricted to class time and will primarily include small group acting, monologues, duets, and improvisation. Due to the nature of the performance class, students need to be self-disciplined when using class time for rehearsing. Students are required to perform often in this class and will also learn to be good audience members, being attentive and respectful (listening quietly) when others are performing or presenting. Class participation is not only important; it is inevitable.

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