Fine Arts Benefactors (FAB)

The Fine Arts Benefactors (FAB) work throughout the year to help with ticket sales and events, raise funds, and promote upcoming shows, concerts and contests. Purchases are made to enhance the BCS Fine Arts programs that are otherwise not covered by the general operating funds. FAB is ready to help with anything that grows, supports and offers opportunities for our BCS artists! As a member, all efforts are completely voluntary.

2021-22 Membership Sign Ups:


The following are a few of the ways the BCS Fine Arts Benefactors has used the money raised to support our artists:

  • Ukuleles for Elementary Music Class
  • Vibraphone for Band
  • Costumes for Theater Productions
  • Portable Drying Rack for Art Class
  • Binder Organizer for Choir
  • Guitar Amp for Jazz Band
  • Storage Shelves for Choir
  • Microphones for Theater
  • 22″ Bear Logo Drum Heads for Drum Line


FAB Officers:
Brandi Gruis – President
Shelley Gatlin – Vice President
Theresa Glenn – Secretary
Melissa Biegert – Treasurer
Tad Wiggington – Membership
April Harris – Concession Manager
Kelly Cooper – Box Office Manager
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