Tuition Information



2021-2022 Tuition & Application Structure

Grade Level Application Fee* 2021-2022 Tuition*
K4 – Fifth $125 $9,425
Sixth – Eighth $125 $9,965
Ninth – Twelfth $125 $10,485
International $125 Same tuition rates apply, but must be paid in full
  *One-time *less applicable sibling discounts


2021-2022 New Student Enrollment Fee Structure

Enrollment Type Dates Enrollment Fee
Early Enrollment February – March $250
Standard Enrollment April – May $300
Late Enrollment June – School Year $350
International Enrollment Year Round $3,000


2021-2022 Returning Student Enrollment Fee Structure

Enrollment Type Dates Enrollment Fee
Early Enrollment January 30 – February 28 $245
Standard Enrollment March 1 – March 14* $300
Late Enrollment March 15 – June 30 $350
Summer Enrollment July 1 – Start of School $450
International Enrollment Year Round $3,000

*March 14 is the last day for priority placement for students re-enrolling for the following year. Unfilled spots will become available for new or waitlisted families as of March 15.


Tuition Philosophy

BCS is committed to providing a quality education attainable for the average income family. We set our fees and build our fundraisers with this in mind.

  • Tuition is Inclusive of all core curriculum, classroom consumables/manipulatables, class/spiritual retreats, academic field trips.
  • No Hidden Fees – BCS does not charge a new student fee, technology fee, facility fee, laboratory fee, textbook fee or any other fee assessed across the student body.
  • Fees for Optional Activities – All billable fees are elective in nature and involve optional parent sign up with up front communication of associated costs. Optional fees include athletic participation, fine arts involvement, certain elective classes, academic competitions, extracurricular tutoring, after school programming, cafeteria usage, and bus route participation.


BCS Sibling Discount

BCS has the most aggressive sibling discount in Austin. A family focus is a key differentiator at Brentwood, and 58% of our students come from multi-student family homes.

  • 20% discount for second child
  • 50% discount for 3rd + child

Payment Plan Program

  • In order to provide installment options, BCS has contracted FACTS Tuition Management to provide families with a way to pay tuition monthly. FACTS is owned by Nelnet, Inc. and Affiliates. To establish a payment plan or for more information, please visit the BCS FACTS Page.
  • Alternatively, a 1% discount is available for paying the full annual tuition in advance on or before June 1 st each year. The June 1st deadline applies to families re-enrolling/enrolling for the new school year. For new families applying after the June 1st deadline, the discount would be available when payment in full is made within 5 business days of acceptance.


Tuition Protection Plan (TPP)

  • Because circumstances sometimes change, BCS established a program that provides tuition relief should families require withdrawal unexpectedly. Enrollment is by contract for the full school year, and deduction or remission of tuition is not allowed for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal except through the TPP. In such cases the Tuition Protection Plan aids parents in meeting the tuition obligation. TPP is required for all families paying in installments and is available as an option for families that prepay. The TPP runs 3.25% of the total tuition amount.
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