Tuition Information


Tuition & Fees

A non-refundable application fee and annual enrollment fee in the amount listed below is required for enrollment. For new families, the application fee is due at time of application and the enrollment fee is due within five business days of the student being accepted.

Parents may pay the full tuition in advance or they may make monthly payments through the FACTS Tuition Management Company, a tuition payment plan provider. The annual fee for this service is $45, and the monthly payments must be paid by bank draft.  Upon acceptance, a first payment equal to 10% per child is due to the bookkeeping office by June 1st or within 5 business days of acceptance, whichever is later.  Please note this initial payment is non-refundable.  The payment plan for the remaining balance would then begin in the month following the initial payment.


Tuition Payment Plus

At BCS, we have never lost sight of our goal of making a Christian education affordable to all who desire it. We are constantly looking for ways to concentrate our available human and financial resources on our primary mission of education. To help us meet this goal, Brentwood Christian School partners with FACTS Management Company, a leading tuition payment plan provider. Our partnership with FACTS provides significant benefits to both school staff and school families, including concentrated customer service, convenience, flexibility, and the technological advantages we have come to expect in our web-based world.

With more than 22 years of service to more than 4,000 schools and almost one million families, FACTS manages approximately $2.5 billion in tuition funds each year. It is the tuition management service most widely used by private and faith-based schools nationwide. FACTS provides state-of-the-art information management technology with an unwavering pledge to provide superior customer service and support for institutions and families. This is not a loan program; no interest or finances charges are assessed. The cost to participate is a nominal, annual FACTS enrollment fee.


Admission Fees – 2018-2019

Grade Level Non-refundable One Time Application Fee Annual Enrollment Fee 2018-2019 Tuition*
K4 – Fifth Grade $125 $225 $8,195
Sixth – Eighth Grade $125 $250 $8,620
High School $125 $275 $9,015
International Students $125


(Applied Towards Enrollment Fee

Upon Acceptance)

$2,500 Same tuition rates apply,
but must be paid in full

* Sibling discounts on tuition: 20% second child; 50% third or more.


Discount for Paying the Full Annual Tuition in Advance:

Deadline for Tuition Discount Amount of Discount
June 1, 2018** 1.0 %


**The June 1st deadline applies to families re-enrolling/enrolling for the new school year.  For new families applying after the June 1st deadline, the discount would be available when payment in full is made within 5 business days of acceptance.


Tuition protection plan

Enrollment is by contract for the full school year, and no deduction or remission of tuition is allowed for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal. In such cases the Tuition Protection Plan aids parents in meeting the tuition obligation. All parents not paying the full year’s tuition in advance must pay for the tuition insurance plan. This amount is 3.25% of the total tuition amount. Parents paying the tuition in full may opt-out of the Tuition Protection Plan.



All new students are required to take a placement test through the Admissions Office.  New students enrolling for K4 – 6th will complete an assessment admissions test on campus. New students applying for grades 7th-12th will complete the ISEE through the Educational Records Bureau.  There is an additional fee to complete these exams.


Sport Fees for 2017 – 2018 School Year

Sports 5th – 6th 7th – 8th
All Sports* $115 $150
*MS Tackle Football $320


Sports 9th – 12th
Baseball $350
Basketball $275
Cross Country $165
Football $425
Golf $200
Soccer $260
Softball $310
Swimming $175
Tennis $175
Track and Field $210
Volleyball $300


Additional charges may occur through the year for voluntary activities such as art, choir, band, drama, academic competitions, etc.  Textbooks are provided at no additional cost.