Grandparents’ Auxiliary

As a grandparent of a Brentwood Christian School student, your help and encouragement is needed to build a solid academic foundation for your grandchild or grandchildren. Joining the Grandparents’ Auxiliary is a great way to help out for the 2019-2020 school year. Your membership will help provide much needed resources to our teachers and students.  In addition to joining the Grandparents’ Auxiliary, here are a few ways we encourage you to be involved at Brentwood:

  • Volunteer for various duties on campus or in your grandchild(ren’s) classroom.
  • Pray for BCS and its students each day.
  • Send in membership dues to help fund the school’s technology needs.

When you join the Grandparents’ Auxiliary you will receive the following as a thank you:

  • Two Tickets to a Fine Arts Performance
  • Two Tickets to an Athletic Event
  • BCS Vehicle Sun Shade

Membership Costs: $120 couple / $85 single

An invitation to join the Grandparents’ auxiliary will be mailed at the beginning of the school year.

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