Grandparents’ Auxiliary

As a Brentwood Christian School grandparent, your help and encouragement is needed to build a solid academic foundation for your grandchildren. Joining the Grandparents’ Auxiliary is a great way to help out for the school year. All grandparents who join the Grandparents’ Auxiliary are contributing to the technology needs of Brentwood Christian School and are especially honored on our website and at Grandparents’ Day.

Save the date for our 39th Annual Grandparents’ Day on Friday, May 7, 2021. Every year we welcome our grandparents on campus to share a meal, attend a special performance, visit the classroom, and share a day in the life of a Brentwood Bear! We pray that we will be able to gather again in person to celebrate your grandchildren this year.

We covet your prayers as we embark on the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you for your continued support and kindness.

See Message From BCS President, Jay Burcham >>

We would like to thank all of our 2020-21 Grandparents’ Auxiliary Members:

Hazel Alberas
Elaine Allen
Jean Auberger
Joe and Dolores Balandran
Donald and Helen Banner
Kirby and Kaaren Barker
Diane Barnet
Roland and Jean Beasley
Tommy and Phyllis Best
Wayne and Danna Brown
Brad and Linda Burgtorf
Joe Caesar
Jon and LeeAnn Chicoine
Dan and Laronna Clark
Alice Ann Copeland
Ronny and Betty Copeland
Karen Counts
Larry and Linda Culling
Terry Cweigenberg
Ina Davis
Sid and Marsha Dowell
Dianne Eaton
Victor and Ruth Esche
Sylvia Felan
Bonnie Ferguson
Dennis and Twila Fredrickson
Nancy Gallrein
Robert and Peggy Gerlach
Peggy Ging

Barbara Gittinger
Dee Grayson
Ed and Martha Griffith
Pete and Masako Guidry
Darl and Mary Jo Halstead
David and JoAnn Hawkes
Charlie and Janie Hejl
David and Tina Henley
Judy Hunka
Anna Hutson
Mike and Elaine Imhoff
Julie Irwin
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Jerry Jennings
Randy and Sandra Jennings
Patricia Jonas
Peter and Kathy Jones
Larry and Brenda Kahan
Deborah Kerr
Joann Key
Nancy Kleiner
Barbara Kramer
Joe and Betty Kuczynski
Sarah Laguna
Merle Louie
Lee and Karen McKinnerney
Bill and Vicki Milton
Tom Morgan
Marquita Moss
Bobby and Patti Norris

Ralph and Deborah Peterson
Norbert and Katrina Pittner
John and Nancy Price
Larry and Noelia Reynolds
Catherine Richardson
Tom and Mary Riley
Deborah Rohlack
Duane and Linda Rowe
Dan and Judy Rutt
Jayant and Alice Sheth
Gary and Millie Skidmore
Derrell and Bessie Sloan
Bill and Jane Smith
Bert and Tina Solis
Glenda Tiner
James and Karen Tomblin
Sue Trees
Olivia Trueper
Scott and Carolyn Turnbull
AB and Elizabeth Walters
Charles Washington
Michael and Libby Weed
Terry Whaley
LA and Nancy White
Jim and Mary Ann Wilson
Vicky Young
Paul and Patricia Youngdale

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