The philosophy of our softball program is to develop athletes with pride in themselves, their team, and their school and who will glorify Christ in all that they do.

How do we do this? By using our God-given talents to work hard and put forth an effort, by not making it easy, by having them buy-in to what we are doing – once it means something to our athletes, then that pride starts to become an integral part of everything they do. We hold our athletes accountable for work-outs, for being in practice gear, for giving 100% effort – once that becomes natural for them as individuals, then they start to hold each other accountable because they see the difference it can have in their success. This is when the individual players develop a familiar relationship and we can step out to elevate Christ’s reputation on the field as a unified team.

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Julie Walker
Athletic Director
(512) 835-5983 ext. 130

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