The Band and Choir have each completed their Solo and Small Ensemble portion of the state music championships.  


The band competed with the most difficult music in TAPPS 4A and had 5 solos and 11 small ensembles earning a Superior Rating.  Each Superior Rating earns the band points towards the yearly state championship with more difficult music earning more points.  The 5 soloists were Sarah Esman, Andrew Kent, Renne Cooper, Clayton Rackley, and Nathan Thom.  The 265 points that the band earned are added to the 50 points earned from the fall Field Band competition to give the band a solid lead in the TAPPS 4A moving into the final round on March 25th. 


 The final round is worth the most points so the band is working hard to prevent any other school from overtaking them in the final round.  


The choir nearly doubled their point total from last year and is sitting solidly in TAPPS 4A Vocal after solo and ensemble.  All three small ensembles earned a superior rating as did 11 solos.  The choir currently sits in 4th place in the vocal division with 103 points.  There are over 500 points available at the next round of competition in April and the choir is working hard to improve upon their 5th-place finish from last year.    

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