Boys Basketball 

As the boys’ basketball season nears its conclusion, the team has truly found its rhythm in the latter part of the campaign. Embarking on an impressive winning streak, the players have seamlessly come together, displaying exceptional teamwork and delivering remarkable performances on the court. One of the defining moments of their resurgence was avenging an earlier loss to Hill Country by securing a resounding victory with a margin of over 40 points. The Bears have harnessed this newfound energy and momentum as they progressed through the district tournament, effortlessly navigating the first and second rounds and earning a bye for the third round. With the last round of the tournament scheduled for this Friday against Geneva, the team is poised for another thrilling challenge as they aim to cap off an already incredible season.





Middle School Basketball 

The boys’ and girls’ basketball season has been quite successful, but it is now reaching its conclusion. This week marks the commencement of the CAPPS Tournament, where all middle school teams have the opportunity to engage in playoffs, ultimately culminating in the championship game on Saturday, February 10th. Good luck to all of our middle school teams! 


Boys Middle School Basketball Schedule

Girls Middle School Basketball Schedule


Girls Basketball 

The Lady Bear basketball team has demonstrated unwavering dedication and resilience throughout the season, where success has not come easily. Their hard work and determination are evident in every game, with each match turning into a dogfight, pushing the team to their limits and keeping the score close. Despite facing challenges, the players have maintained a persistent spirit, embodying the essence of their season. As they enter the district tournament, the Lady Bears have not only showcased their skills on the court but also their ability to overcome adversity.

Advancing impressively through the district tournament, the Lady Bear basketball team has now reached the pivotal fourth round. Their upcoming challenge sees them facing John Paul II at home in the Athletic Center, adding an extra layer of excitement to the journey. The game, scheduled to start at 4:00 pm, holds immense significance as it could propel them closer to the championship. The team’s collective effort, hard-fought battles, and sheer determination have brought them to this crucial juncture, where the Lady Bears aim to continue their impressive run and leave an indelible mark on the season.





Boys Soccer & Girls Soccer 

Both the boys and girls soccer teams are enjoying a highly successful year. As regular play extends for another week and a half, there are no indications that these teams are slowing down or falling short of securing a spot in the playoffs. The boys, in particular, have had a remarkable run, clinching victory in nine consecutive games and securing the top position in the district. Their dominance is further highlighted by an astounding goal difference, outscoring opponents by an impressive 49-0. Both our soccer teams boast strong prospects for success in the upcoming district tournament and playoffs, showcasing their potential for notable achievements in the postseason.


Boys MaxPreps I Girls MaxPreps 

Boys Soccer Website/Schedule I Girls Soccer Website/Schedule 



The swim team has made a lasting impression, accumulating a wealth of experience throughout the year as a team in development. Their notable achievements were evident in San Antonio, where numerous swimmers excelled and earned the opportunity to compete at the state meet. We look forward to witnessing these accomplished swimmers showcase their skills at the state meet scheduled for February 14th. Best of luck to all our dedicated and talented swimmers as they take on the challenges at the upcoming event.


Baseball & Softball 


Softball and baseball are in full swing, officially kicking off scrimmages and the season. Both our baseball and softball teams faced initial setbacks against Hyde Park on the opening day, but they rebounded, gaining valuable insights for future events. Notably, the baseball team secured a victory against Johnson City with a commanding 10-1 win, setting a positive tone for the season ahead. Their momentum continues as they gear up for more play in the upcoming week. On the softball front, the team encountered a setback against TMI Episcopal, falling 14-7, but displayed resilience by going 2-1 at the Hyde Park Tournament. With additional softball games scheduled for Saturday, February 10th, we wish both teams the best of luck in their endeavors this season.

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