High School

A Letter From Our Principal:


Welcome back to Brentwood Christian School.  I feel so blessed to be at BCS after being in public education for 19 years.  Since I’ve been on campus I’ve noticed many things that occur here that don’t occur daily in public education, such as being able to pray without ceasing anytime and anywhere, and allowing Christ to be our example while teaching kindness, compassion, forgiveness and other Christian principles.  

During the summer months I met with and interviewed many students.  The students I spoke with had spiritual and academic goals, were articulate speakers, they knew that they wanted to pursue higher education and what schools they wanted to attend, and they were doing all of this while participating in many athletic and academic extra-curricular activities.  At Brentwood all of these commitments begin with a focus on Christian education that include the family, the church, and the school working together to create students who love God.  As we work together, our goal is for our students to develop strong Christian values and have a deeper relationship with God. 

At the beginning of the school year we had a consecration ceremony where elders from church of Christ congregations around the city prayed over our faculty and school.  The common prayer was for us to have a blessed and successful year.  What does that mean to you and your children?  To us, it means that through prayer, we know that God will be with us as we teach your children what His word says.  He will be with us as students learn math, science, social studies, and language arts through a Christian perspective.

Again, I am blessed and thankful to be at Brentwood Christian School.   With God’s blessing, and working together with you and your family, I know that your students will continue to excel and surpass all of our expectations.   

Thank you,

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson
Secondary Principal
Ph: 512-835-5983 ext.124

Leah Smith
Academic Advisor
Ph: 512-835-5983 ext.129