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Middle School

A Letter From Our Principal:


Welcome to the secondary program at Brentwood Christian School.  As I have said many times before, I am blessed to work at BCS, a school whose goal is to lead student to love God and glorify God every day in all that we say and do.  This means so much to me because teaching students to live their lives to glorify God is not common in this day and age.   

Last year was my first year at Brentwood, and it was a whirlwind experience.  I had many firsts with the students, teachers and other administrators, but the highlights were spending time with your students and getting to know them.  Brentwood students are kind, compassionate, eager to learn, and they are respectful and willing to accept responsibility when they’ve done something wrong.  We are all children of God who have a desire to do right, but sometimes we don’t do right.  It is a true blessing to know that our students take the initiative and do what is right.

Students at Brentwood have spiritual and academic goals, are articulate speakers, know that they want to pursue higher education and what schools they want to attend, and they are doing all of this while participating in many athletic, academic  and fine arts extra-curricular activities. 

At Brentwood all our commitments begin with a focus on Christian education that include the family, the church, and the school working together to create students who love God.  As we work together, our goal is for our students to develop strong Christian values and have a deeper relationship with God.

Again, I am blessed and thankful to be at Brentwood Christian School.   With God’s blessing, and working together with you and your family, I know that your students will continue to excel and surpass all of our expectations.   

Thank you,

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson
Secondary Principal
Ph: 512-835-5983 ext.124

Leah Smith
Academic Advisor
Ph: 512-835-5983 ext.129