Develop Respect and Responsibility 

Eighth grade, students will develop respect for teachers and one another and be encouraged to develop a class culture of prayer together. In the first semester of eighth grade, students will learn and apply time management skills with regard to class preparation. They will be expected to demonstrate responsibility with including promptness of arrival to class, meeting deadlines, and be prepared with all requirements and materials for each class period. They will develop writing skills using the Pre-AP Approach for History and English class assignments. Respect for teachers and one another will be encouraged as well as developing a class culture of prayer together. Through formative and summative assessment, we will be able to identify needs for further reinforcement. As students succeed they enjoy eligibility for extracurricular activities and positive reinforcement for their efforts in responsibility and academics. See the full 8th Grade Curriculum Summary and Notebook System details.

Goals for 8th Grade:

Leading students to love God

  • Teachers are sharing their faith stories
  • Students are encouraged and identify their faith story
  • Students apply biblical truths in daily life
  • Teachers form meaningful relationships with students
  • Teachers pray with and for student’s daily
  • Teachers discipline in a loving, Christ-like manner


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