After School Program

We’re excited to announce new offerings for our after school enrichment program! As always, BCS wants to provide the best opportunities to our families and students and we have rounded up enrichment activities in a range of interests: sports, cooking, academics and more.

The following activities will be hosted on the BCS campus by expert vendors and teachers this spring:


2:40 - 3:40Cooking (K - 2nd)Beginner Piano (K - 1st)Tennis (K - 2nd)Beginner Piano (2nd)
Golf (K-2nd)
3:40 - 4:40Cooking (3rd - 5th)
Robotics (1st - 5th)
Beginner Piano (Beginners or < 1 year experience)Chess (2nd and up)
Tennis (3rd - 5th)
Advanced Piano (1+ year experience)
Creative Movement (K - 5th)
Robotics Coding EV3 Mindstorm (6th-12th) (1.5hrs)
Golf (3rd-5th)
4:00 - 5:30Mountain Bike (6th-12th)

String Orchestra (All)
Beginner String Orchestra (All)String Orchestra (All)Beginner String Orchestra (All)
4:45 - 5:45Drill Team Prep (6th - 11th)



For students in K-2nd grade
Students are introduced to the concept of rhythm and melody, using strum patterns and melodies that they choose. The chords in the G scale are introduced as either full or partial chords, depending on the student’s ability. Rhythmic focus is on learning 1/4 and 1/8th notes using strum patterns. Melodic focus is on the first five intervals of the G scale. The goal of this class with be that students leave with the ability to strum a full or partial chord on-time, and play one simple melody. A half-sized, nylon-string guitar or ukele (in G tuning, smallest four strings of the guitar) is highly recommended for this age.

For students in 2nd-5th grade
The same as above, adding the C major scale and chords. The class will begin by voting on a song to learn theory and technique with, from songs in the worship, pop, rock and country genres. The goal of the class will be that students leave with the ability to play the chords in time, of one or more full songs, as well as a melody in the major scale of G and C.

For beginning students in 6th-12th grade
The same as above, using students’ song choices, adding the rest of the “open” scales (D, A and E major), as well as minor key. Reading tablature, more complex strum patterns, and using power/bar chords will be introduced later in the the class, as well as using the major and minor scales to find melodies. The goal of this class will that that students leave with the ability to find the rhythm of a song they like, and pick an appropriate strum pattern, as well as begin to pick out the melody using the scale of the song.

For more advanced students in 6th-12th grade
The same as above, adding the use of triads to create new chords, as well as learning modes from the circle of fifths (for lead guitar). Writing tablature, reading sheet music, and “finger-style” (classical rhythm-and-melody-in-one approach) will be introduced. Students will explore their personal goals in music in the class (becoming a recording artist, starting a band, learning to teach, etc.). The goal of this class will that that students will be able to hear a song, find the song’s key and chord progression, and begin to transcribe it in either chord charts, tablature or sheet music.

Kickoff date: February 6th and will run for 13 sessions through May 15th.
Day: Mondays

  • K-2nd grade – 2:40-3:40pm
  • 2nd-5th grade – 3:40-4:40pm
  • 6th-12th grade – 4:40-5:40pm

Grade level: Kindergarten – 12th grade
Cost: $325.00
Schedule: 1 hour

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American Robotics Academy aims to excite, inspire and motivate children about the importance of robotics technology. Our hands-on classes offer an introduction to the fundamentals of engineering design, helping children understand “how things work.” Students work in age-appropriate teams and learn how to design, build and test remote-controlled miniature robots.

Kickoff date: Session I – 1/23/2017 through 3/27/2017 (8 weeks); Session II – 4/3/2017 through 5/8/2017 (6 weeks)
Time: 3:40 PM
Day: Monday
Grade level: 1st – 5th Gr
Cost: Session I – $180.00; Session II – $135.00
Schedule: 1 hour


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Robotics Coding EV3 Mindstorm


American Robotics Academy’s  program  will teach computer programming to the students using the Lego EV3 Mindstorm, giving them a solid base to master any programming language such as Java, C++, Perl, etc.

Kickoff date: 1/27/2017 through 4/20/2017 (12 weeks)
Time: 3:40 PM
Day: Thursday
Grade level: 6th-12th Gr
Cost: Special Discounted Rate — $360.00
Schedule: 1.5 hours


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Chess Club


Chess America instructors are experienced chess professionals accustomed to teaching both novice and accomplished chess players. No prior chess knowledge required. There will be an in-class chess tournament the last few classes. Last class will be an awards ceremony and celebration of a very enjoyable session of Chess Club!

Kickoff date: 1/18/17 – 4/12/17 (excludes 3/15/17 – Spring Break week)
Time: 3:40 PM-4:40 PM
Day: Wednesdays
Grade level: 2nd grade and up
Cost: $240
Schedule: 12 weeks


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The BCS Beginner Strings class is for students with no experience on a string instrument. Students learn the fundamentals of the violin, viola, or cello. There will be an evening performance at the end of each semester. Parents must provide an instrument, which is done with the assistance of the instructor.

Kickoff date: 1/4/2017
Time: 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Day: Wednesdays and Fridays
Grade level: Students with no experience on a string instrument.
Cost: $500.00 per semester.
Schedule: Rehearsals are two days a week after school. There will be a concert at the end of each semester.
Requirements: Students will need to provide their own instrument.


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String Orchestra


The BCS String Orchestra is open to any student with at least one year of experience on the violin, viola, cello, or bass. Rehearsals are two days a week after school, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM. There will be a concert at the end of each semester.

Kickoff date: 1/3/2017
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Grade level: Any student with at least one year experience on the violin, viola, cello, or bass.
Cost: $500.00 per semester.
Schedule: Rehearsals are two days a week after school. There will be a concert at the end of each semester.
Requirements: It is open to all grade levels. The only prerequisite is experience.


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Piano Music Program


For beginners in K-2
The students begin becoming oriented with the keyboard topography and learn to recognize white key names in relation to the black keys. They begin to learn how to read music and find right hand notes middle C-G and left hand notes middle C-F using the patterns of the black keys. They learn simple rhythms and we focus on intervallic reading. Most tunes are in middle C position. Emphasis is placed on correct hand position, fingering, posture and articulation, in order to create proper piano skills. Students learn melodic and harmonic intervals, legato versus staccato articulation, dynamics and sharps and flats.  Single line melody pieces are used.

For returning students in K-2
The students review notes and techniques from the previous year. They then start moving around the keyboard. They move from middle C to octave C position. Scales and chords are introduced. Students grow from knowing eight notes to knowing two octaves of notes and being able to play in G and F position. The use of complex note combinations is introduced. Complex rhythms, 6/8 time and sharps and flats are introduced.

For students in the 3:30 PM classes
The students in these classes are divided based upon ability. Scales, chords and pieces in multiple keys are expanded upon. Crossing hands, key changes in pieces, pedaling, syncopated rhythms, allegro playing, memorizing  and much more challenging pieces are introduced, depending on the ability of the group.

Kickoff date: 9/13/2016 and 9/15/2016
Time: 2:40 p.m. for beginners and 3:40 p.m. for students with one year experience
Day: Classes are Tuesdays or Thursdays
Grade level: K-12th Grade
Cost: $900.00 for the whole year (most parents pay $100.00/month)
Schedule: x1 per week (September through May)

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If your student is already enrolled, the program and billing will continue as usual.


Golf & Tennis


TGA Premier Junior Golf brings the golf course to BCS!  TGA offers a national, award-winning, 5 level program that is specially designed for children, and builds upon the educational concepts they are learning in the classroom. Fun comes first in every TGA class, but the curriculum also focuses on instilling self-confidence and life values through professional golf instruction.  Students learn the fundamentals, etiquette and rules of the game in the comfortable environment of the school campus with a low 10:1 student to professional instructor ratio.  Best of all, all the equipment and training materials are provided so children of all skill levels have the chance to come out and tee it up with TGA!

Come serve it up with TGA Premier Youth Tennis!  TGA has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to create a fun and innovative tennis program for students that takes place after school on our campus. TGA’s 5 level elementary school curriculum includes games, drills and physical fitness activities that improve motor skills, agility and hand-eye coordination.  Every TGA class focuses on academic concepts developed by educational experts, the rules and etiquette of tennis and skill development.  TGA brings all of the equipment, training materials and a 10:1 student to instructor ratio to allow for plenty of individual attention. The goal is to not only develop student’s tennis skills, but to give children the building blocks for future achievement on the tennis court and in life.

Kickoff date: Tennis – 1/18/2017, Golf – 1/19/2017
Time: K-2nd:  2:40-3:40 PM 3rd-5th: 3:40-4:40 PM
Day: Tennis – Wednesdays, Golf – Thursdays
Grade level: K-5th Grade
Cost: $299.00/session (per sport)
Schedule: 12 weeks


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Kids Kitchen

Kids Kitchen classes are engaging, educational, fun, and tasty! Kids Kitchen offers weekly classes after school where students will make a different recipe each week. Classes teach nutrition, and proper culinary techniques to all ages. Kids get to chop, mix, measure, cut, bake, stir fry, taste, and most of all create! Kickoff date: 1/23/2016 – 3/27/2016 (8 weeks) Time: 2:35-3:30 PM (K4-2nd) & 3:35-4:30 PM (3rd-5th) Day: Mondays Grade level: K4-5th Grade Cost: $185.00 After School Program Sign Up – K4-2nd Kids Kitchen >>   After School Program Sign Up – 3rd-5th Kids Kitchen >>

Mountain Biking Club


BCS in partnership with one of our middle school parents, will be forming a mountain bike club beginning this fall semester. The goal will be to use this fall as an introduction into what will become the “BCS Mountain Bike Team” that will participate in the TX High School Mountain Bike League during the spring. The purpose of the team will be to introduce middle and high school students to the competitive sport of mountain biking, while at the same time, teaching an appreciation and commitment to fitness and camaraderie, all in a Christ-honoring way.

Required Items:

  • Appropriate fitting bicycle that has working gears and brakes
  • Proper fitting helmet
  • At least one water bottle or a hydration pack

Strongly Suggested:

  • Sunglasses or protective eyewear of some kind
  • Gloves
  • Sweat wicking clothing
  • Small snack: power bar, granola bar, or candy bar

Time: 4:00 PM (+/- 1.5 hours)
Day: Tuesdays
Grade level: 6th-12th Grade
Cost: $100.00
Schedule: Spring semester – 1 day per week after school ride; optional 1 weekend ride per month.

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Drill Prep for Minis Program


Drill team encompasses many forms of dance.  This particular session will focus on basic dance elements in jazz, ballet, lyrical, choreography and performance.  Participants will also learn the basics of drill team with precision combinations and kick lines.

Kickoff date: 1/19/17 – 3/8/17 (8 weeks) and 3/30/17 – 5/11/17 (7 weeks)
Time: Thursday K-5th 3:40 PM-4:40 PM
Day: Thursday
Grade level: Girls K4-5th Grade
Cost: $160.00
Schedule: 8 weeks

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Drill Prep Program


Students will be introduced to all aspects of drill team including proper technique in stretching, turning basics, kick lines, and contagions.  In addition, they will be introduced to jazz, pom and lyrical dance styles.  This is a great prep class for students interested in trying out for the BCS drill team in the spring.

Kickoff date: 1/19/17 – 3/8/17 (8 weeks) and 3/30/17 – 5/11/17 (7 weeks)
Time: 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM
Day: Thursday
Grade level: Girls 6th-11th grade
Cost: $160.00
Schedule: 8 weeks

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