BCS After School Program Offerings – Fall 2018

BCS wants to provide the best opportunities to our families and students and we have rounded up enrichment activities in a range of interests: academics, sports & arts. The following activities will be hosted on the BCS campus by expert vendors and teachers this fall:

  • Lower Elementary (K-2nd) – Piano, String Orchestra, Drill Prep for Bitty Bellas*, Math Pentathlon, PSIA
  • Upper Elementary (3rd-5th) –  Piano, String Orchestra, Drill Prep for Bitty Bellas, Math Pentathlon, PSIA  
  • Middle School – Piano, String Orchestra, Math Pentathlon (6/7), PSIA, TCSIT**
  • High School – Piano, String Orchestra, TCSIT**

*Includes K4 **TCSIT (Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Tournament): TCSIT is a highlight of the spring semester for many students in grade 6-12, who compete in over 30 different events ranging from tests in all subject areas to dramatic interpretation and one-act play. Our high school has won the sweepstakes trophy the majority of the past 13 years, and our middle school team has won two sweepstakes trophies.