10th Grade


Sophomore Pathway

The 10th grade year is when the rubber meets the road, it’s the let’s-get-serious year. Students who are aiming for a highly selective college will need to be taking difficult and demanding curriculum in order to be prepared for honors and/or AP classes ahead of them as juniors and seniors. If students did poorly as freshmen, they still have time to redeem themselves and show colleges that there has been a turn-around. Colleges will overlook a mediocre freshman year if they observe a change in the sophomore year that continues through the high school career.


Sophomore “To Do” list:

  • The significance of extracurricular/volunteer activities take on even more importance in the eyes of college admissions officers as students progress through high school.


  • Students should continue to develop the reputation for “working toward their potential.”


  • Students should learn to deal respectfully and personally with their teachers and advisors as they will need to know and remember them fondly when it comes time to write recommendations and provide feedback to the college admissions process later in the senior year!


  • For sophomores, taking the PSAT this test is in October. Please remember – it’s a practice test!!!


  • 10th grade is the year that many students will begin to access AP & Honors level courses. There is a college out there for every student based on their unique combination of skills, abilities, SAT’s, extracurriculars, & academic transcript.