Air Purification System

All BCS classrooms have been equipped with AirBox Air Purifiers. Airbox is a leader in mitigation of airborne pathogens and is supplying the top graded air purifying products available. All classroom units include 6 inch Hepa filters, 4 inch anti-microbial MERV 9 filters, 4 inch Activated Carbon MERV 7 filters, antimicrobial infused HDPE enclosure materials. The units are certified by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology and produce lab tested removal efficiency of >99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 sized pathogens. The cafeteria, gym, theater, and larger spaces will be outfitted with a high throughput unit capable of 1500 cfm. In other words, the air in every classroom will be completely purified multiple times per hour to the purification level of a surgical operating room. Multiple studies have demonstrated that this level of proactive air scrubbing is the most effective mitigator of room-based transmission. All units are centrally controlled and are on schedules to maintain pure air while students are in the room and then do a max air scrub while students are out of the room. Every classroom, gym, theater, locker-room, and lab will have systems installed that are specifically designed and placed based on the “Safe Air Plan” needs of the room per its size, population load, and type of use. For more information click links below for the specification sheets.



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