Sign Up

Go to


Create your family account (BCS school # 69C1L9L231156). Use your youngest enrolled child’s name for Student Name. (No Teacher name needed – leave it blank.)


After you create your family account, click on “Presto Pay” on the left side of the screen to enroll. (BCS families MUST use this option.) Read the information carefully and follow instructions.


Once you see the two small deposits in your checking account, log back in to your account at and click on “verify” at the top.


Send your 4-digit approval code to Denise Riley at and she will activate your account to begin shopping.


Select the cards you want to buy!!! Check out, using “Presto Pay.”


After receiving an e-mail from Michelle Mohrmann that your cards have arrived, pick them up in the Bookkeeping Office.


Contact other family members (grandparents, etc.) to sign up too! They just need to type in your youngest enrolled child’s name when it asks for student name.

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