Scrip FAQ

Q:  How do the rebates work? 
A:  When you buy Scrip through, the vendor (Great Lakes Scrip) rebates a percentage to BCS.  That rebate will be split 50/50 between BCS and your family’s student account to help pay school fees and expenses.


Q:  When will my portion of the rebate be credited? 
A: Your student account will be credited monthly so you can see immediately how it is helping.


Q: Can 100% of the rebate earned from my orders be donated to the school?
A: Absolutely! You do not have to split the rebate 50/50. This would be an even bigger blessing to BCS.


Q: How often are orders submitted to Great Lakes for processing by the coordinator once I place my order online?
A: The coordinator will submit family orders on the first and third Mondays of each month. You can shop and place your order anytime, but the processing will only take place twice monthly. Your checking account is not debited until the coordinator submits the orders on those order days. This schedule could change during holiday time and during the summer. Any ordering date changes will be communicated by e-mail from the coordinator.


Q: How long does it take for the cards to arrive at school after I place my order?
A: If orders are placed by the coordinator before noon on Mondays, the cards will be shipped and ready to be picked up by Friday the same week. (The coordinator will e-mail when cards are ready for pickup.) During holidays, the delivery time could take longer, but only by a day or two.


Q:  Where does the school portion of the money go? 
A:  The only expense is for shipping the Scrip orders to BCS.  All of the remaining money goes toward general operating expenses.


Q:  What does this cost me?  It seems too good to be true. 
A:  This program only costs you 15 cents per order (the Presto Pay fee) plus time to plan your purchase and pick up your order from the Bookkeeping office.


Q: Is there a dollar limit for each order I place?
A: Yes, it is $10,000. You probably would not order that amount at one time. But keep in mind, “Shop with Scrip” offers cards from Home Depot and Lowes that can be used for home remodeling, repairs, and appliances. Also, many travel companies offer cards that could be used for vacations. If you need to order more than $10,000, you just have to place an additional order.


Q:  My youngest/only child is a senior or will be a senior next year.  Does it still make sense for me to participate? 
A:  Absolutely!  Not only will you be helping the school, but there are still many miscellaneous fees accrued during the senior year of school.


Q:  What if we leave BCS? 
A:  If your family leaves during the school year, your earned rebates can be applied to outstanding expenses/fees already on your account. If you have no outstanding balance, you may request a check from the school for the amount in your account at the time of withdrawal, or you may donate your portion of the rebate to BCS.


Q:  My child has grandparents or other relatives who wants to participate.  May they enroll in the program, and may they donate their half of the earned rebate to my account?
A:  Yes!  Anyone can buy Scrip if they enroll using our BCS Enrollment Code. Please note: we cannot mail Scrip cards from the school.  The cards are just like cash, and it is not safe to mail cash. Everyone must pick up their own cards, or your relatives may authorize you to pick up their cards for them.


Q:  Can we use a credit card to pay for Scrip? 
A:  No.  The fees credit card companies charge cut into the rebates earned.  The only form of payment for BCS Scrip is Presto Pay, which is an electronic check used for online payments. If you participate in this program, you must enroll in Presto Pay.


Q: Where do I pick up my order? 
A: In the Bookkeeping Office (Room C217) between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Q: I already purchase my HEB cards at school but noticed that I can get them through Shop with Scrip. Do I now order my HEB cards online from Shop with Scrip?
A: No, we purchase our HEB cards directly from HEB headquarters and receive a 5% rebate.  Shop with Scrip only offers a 2% rebate.


Q: Will the HEB gift card program change since we are starting this new program?
A: The HEB program and rebate system will not change. This is already a significant fundraiser for the school, and its provisions will stay the same.


Q: Can I order Scrip during the summer? 
A: Yes!  Check the BCS website for summer ordering schedule and watch for an e-mail from the Scrip coordinator for bookkeeping hours.


Q:  Can Scrip be shipped directly to me, or someone else? 
A:  No.  Scrip can only be shipped to BCS and picked up in the bookkeeping office.  These rebates are possible because of the advantage of bulk purchasing.


Q: Is there a way for me to know how much I have coming to me? 
A: When you are ordering your cards online, you will see the rebate amount in your shopping cart. You just need to remember that we are splitting that amount 50/50

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