5th Grade Online Enrichment


ABCya – Multiple Subjects – Free – Learning games. Recommended by Ms. Harper and Mrs. Troutman.

America’s Presidents – Social Studies – Free (Parent  Led) – National Portrait Gallery of America’s Presidents. Recommended by Mrs. Mannon.

Art Rage by Ambient Design (App) – Art – $4.99 (Self Led) – This app is for digital painting. Recommended by Mrs. Maleare.

Bible for Kids (App) – Bible – Free (Self Led) – Walks students through the whole Bible. Recommended by Mrs. Patterson.

BrainPOP – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Temporarily free during school closures this site has games and lessons. Recommended by Mrs. Best and Mrs. Gunn.

Bruce Pearson Music – Band – Free (Self Led) –  Interactive Practice Studio, correlates with the band method book used in grades 5-8. Recommended by Mr. Pollard.

Core Knowledge Foundation – Core Subjects – Free (Parent Led) – Includes core knowledge materials filtered by grade and subject. Recommended by Mrs. Kidd.

CS First – Computer Science – Free (Self Led) – Excellent curriculum provided by Google. Recommended by Mrs.Walters.

DreamBox Learning – Math – Free (Self Led) – Excellent math enrichment…used in RRISD, usually expensive, but free for 90 days. Recommended by Mrs. Walters.

E-Learning For Kids – Several Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Engaging e-learning content with video tutorials. Recommended by Mrs. Walters.

Elementary Art – Art – Free (Guided How-to-draw videos) – Interactive videos on how to draw. Recommended by Mrs. Stanglin.

Epic – Online Library – Free (Self Led) Numerous books offered online (all sorts of topics), but requires a teacher to set up a free account and invite students/parents to join. Recommended by Mrs. Walters

Everything Machine by Tiny Bop (App) – Science/Engineering – 2.99 (Self Led) – Build/invent virtual machines. Recommended by Mrs. Best and Mrs. Gunn.

Fun Brain – Math & Science – Free (Self Led) – Learning games and activities. Recommended by Mrs. Lindsey Smith.

Go Noodle – Get Moving – Free – Learning through exercise, get up and move. Recommended by Ms. Harper and Mrs. Troutman.

IXL.com – Math – Free (self led) – Sharpens math skills. Recommended by Mrs. Gittinger.

Jamzone – Elementary Music – Free ukulele resources – Free chord charts for songs.

Khan Academy – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Tutorials for many concepts. Recommended by Mrs. Davis.

Kids Answers – Science/Biblical Perspective – Free (Self Led) – Videos/activities. Recommended by Mrs. Neil.

Math Games – Elementary Math –  Free (Self Led) – Math practice. Recommended by Mrs. Benton.

Math Play – Math – Free (Self Led) – Math games by grade level. Recommended by Mrs. Davis.

Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Interactive games for several areas. Recommended by Mrs. Jones.

Museum Tours – All Subjects – Free – Virtual tours of museums. Recommended by Mrs. Hager.

MyStorybook – English – Free (Self Led) – Use your imagination and create your own stories. Recommended by Mr. Robison.

National Geographic Kids – Social Studies –  Free (Self Led) – Online learning games and articles. Recommended by Ms.Hunter.

Open Phys Ed – PE – Free (Parent Led) – Open is a teaching website resource for PE teachers but has online resources for students at home. Recommended by Coaches Smith & Tyson.

PBS Learning Media – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Videos and interactives in all subjects. Recommended by Mrs. Patterson.

Pebble Go – Several Subjects – Free (Self Led) – A one-stop shop where students can find links to all sorts of subjects they want to learn about. Very visual which is great for the little ones and includes videos as well.  Usually, it would be a paid subscription but free currently. Recommended by Mrs. Walters.

Prodigy – Math – Free (Self Led) – Educational game to practice math that is standards-based.

Reading Prep Comprehension (App) – Social Studies – Free (Self Led) – Stories with vocab and comprehension checks. Recommended by Mrs. Best and Mrs. Gunn.

ReadTheory – Reading – Free (self led) – Personalized reading comprehension exercises.

ReadWorks – Reading – Free (Parent Led) – Driven by cognitive science research, ReadWorks helps with reading comprehension and student achievement. Recommended by Mrs. Kidd.

Stack the States (App) – Social Studies – $2.99 (Self Led) – This app was recommended by Ms. Hunter.

Stack the Countries (App) – Social Studies – $2.99 (Self Led) – This app was recommended by Ms. Hunter.

Scholastic – Free – articles, stories, videos, learning challenges. Recommended by Ms. Harper and Mrs. Troutman. 

Smart Music – Band – Free (Self Led) – A very rich resource for band musicians. This is normally subscription-based, but free during COVID-19 related school closures. Recommended by Mr. Pollard.

Storybird – Elementary Writing – Free (Self Led) or $4.99 per 2 months upgrade Writing practice.

Study Island – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Provides standards based practice to enhance learning with a one year free trial.

Toy Theater – Several Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Recommended by Mrs. Walters.

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