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The Notebook System

A notebook system has been developed to promote organizational skills for the learner. All middle school students as well as high school students who are new to BCS are required to maintain a central notebook according to a standardized format.
Middle school students will receive a study skills grade in their study halls based largely upon the maintenance of their notebooks.
The notebook should be a sturdy 2+ inch three-ring binder and must contain the following at all times:


1)  A pocket on the inside of the front cover or a large metal clip for memos and notes to parents


2)  A sturdy, zippered bag to hold small, loose school supplies.  Among these supplies must be the following:

oTwo pencils with erasers

oTwo blue or black ink pens

oTwo red pens


3)  An assignment book (purchased through the school). On the weekly calendars, students will record assignments for each class.

On the monthly calendars, students will indicate longer-term items, such as:

oDue dates for long-term assignments

oAfter-school practices

oEvent dates for concerts, plays, games, etc.


4)  Dividers with tabs should denote sections as follows:

oFirst 6-8 dividers: individual courses

oLast divider: clean notebook paper