The 6th Grade Experience

Leading Students to Love God  

In 6th grade, students should see that God made the world with order and systems that continue to repeat today in chemical building blocks of matter, in the processes of the earth and the universe, and mathematical operations with whole numbers, fractions, and integers. Sixth graders will learn the story of God and His people through the study of the Old Testament. See the full 6th Grade Curriculum Summary and Notebook System details.

Goals For 6th Grade

  • Teachers must love God and have a growing and maturing faith.
  • Teachers pray with students and for students.
  • Teachers share their personal stories of faith.
  • Teachers build relationships with students:
    • Teachers must be dependable.
    • Teachers must be worthy of trust.
    • Teachers must be nurturing and loving.
    • Teachers must be compassionate.
    • Teachers must be consistent
    • Students must know that their teachers love them.
  • Teachers speak truth daily (in the classroom, in the hallway, in the FLC, while discipline, whole-class activities, one-on-one conversations, etc.):
    • God has a plan for them.
    • Each person has been created in His image and has value.
    • Each person should be treated with dignity and respect because we belong to God.
    • God provides.
    • God forgives.
    • Because God has forgiven them, they can forgive others.
    • God disciplines them because He loves them.


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