The 7th Grade Experience

Developing Identity and Purpose

Seventh grade students are developing their sense of identity and purpose. The seventh-grade team works to lead students to love God and teach our students that their identity and purpose are found in Christ. The focus of Bible class is the life of Christ, as told in the gospel of Matthew. Seventh graders will know that Jesus came to seek and save the lost and that He wants a personal relationship with each one of them. Seventh grade students will see the orderliness and dependability of God through their studies of English literature and language structure, mathematical operations, and biological processes. The English curriculum enhances the students’ knowledge of and love for literature. Students will know that God designed language for growth, wisdom, and enjoyment. Seventh grade students learn the history of our state and the geographic and cultural features of our world. They will know that God is in control and that He works through His people to bring about good. Math class focuses on mathematical operations with whole numbers, fractions, and integers, with a strong emphasis on proportions. In Life Science, seventh-grade students will be taught that God is the source of life and that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. See the full 7th Grade Curriculum Summary and Notebook System details.

  • 1st Quarter Christ-Centered Learning Goal: Qualities of Christ – Humility
  • 2nd Quarter Christ-Centered Learning Goal: Qualities of Christ – Purity
  • 1sth and 2nd Quarter Skill: Self-control
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