Middle School One-Act Plays


Brentwood Christian School heater department presents:

Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 7:00pm
Iva Lea Barton Theater


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If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman
By: Tim Kelly

Shirley Holmes is named after the famous sleuth and is a fanatic on mystery and crime. Her big chance comes when the housemother in her dorm is found dead under peculiar circumstances. Shirley, determined to solve the crime, locks all the girls in the communal study. Shirley’s sleuthing is hilarious and causes something of a scandal as she unravels the laugh-provoking “heinous crime.”


Stormin’ The Teachers’ Lounge
By: Shirley Ullom

The teachers’ lounge, the forbidden realm that students think is a plush paradise. After hours, a group of students sneak in and joke mercilessly about their teachers. They rifle the trash in vain looking for test forms and almost get caught when the janitors arrive. Then they imagine what the place is like in actions. They role-play their teachers with hilarious results.


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