10th Grade Online Enrichment


America’s Presidents – Social Studies – Free (Parent Led) – National Portrait Gallery of America’s Presidents. Recommended by Mrs. Mannon.

Art of Problem Solving – Math – Free (Self Led) – This has a variety of math resources, including the free adaptive program Alcumus (some programs have a cost).

Art Rage by Ambient Design (App) – Art – $4.99 (Self Led) – This app is for digital painting. Recommended by Mrs. Maleare.

Bible Project – Bible – Free (Self Led) – The Bible Project has beautifully animated YouTube videos explaining various stories and themes from the Bible. Recommended by Mr. Harper.

Brilliant.org – Multiple Subjects – Cost (Self Led) – High level math & science courses. Free with trial. Recommended by Mrs. Broadway.

Bruce Pearson Music – Band – Free (Self Led) –  Interactive Practice Studio, correlates with the band method book used in grades 5-8. Recommended by Mr. Pollard.

Code – Computer Science – Free (Self Led) – Learn the basics of computer science and internet safety. At the end of the course, create your very own game or story you can share.

Conjuguemos – Spanish 1-3 – Free (Self Led) – Great for students to continue the memorization of their verb conjugations through simple practice as well as games. Recommended by Ms. Reagan & Ms. Stewart.

Duolingo App – Spanish 1-3 – Free (Self Led) – A fun way to practice language! Recommended by Ms. Reagan & Ms. Stewart.

E-Learning For Kids – Several Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Engaging e-learning content with video tutorials. Recommended by Mrs. Walters.

Google Earth – Geography, Science, and History – Free (guided tutorials) – Friendly GIS mapping experience. See any location, address, landmark…on earth. Practice measuring distances. Learn to make a GIS map. “Voyager” – Premade story maps and virtual trips. “I’m feeling Lucky” – random locations.

Gutenburg – English – Free (Self Led) – Online library with 3,000 free ebooks and 100 free audiobooks. Recommended by Mr. Mayfield.

IXL.com – Math – Free (Self Led) – Sharpens math skills. Recommended by Mrs. Gittinger.

Khan Academy – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Tutorials for many concepts. Recommended by Mrs. Davis.

Music Theory – Music – Free (Self Led) – Free music theory exercises of every kind. Recommended by Mr. Pollard.

Museum Tours – All Subjects – Free – Virtual tours of museums. Recommended by Mrs. Hager.

Open Phys Ed – PE – Free (Parent Led) – Open is a teaching website resource for PE teachers but has online resources for students at home. Recommended by Coaches Smith & Tyson.

The Oregon Trail – Social Studies – Free (Self Led) – Play the classic game and discover what adventures await. Recommended by Mr. Harper.

PhET Interactive Simulations – Physical Science – Free (Self Led) – Physics and chemistry simulations. Recommended by Dr. Sloan & Ms. Pamplin.

ReadTheory – Reading – Free (Self Led) – Personalized reading comprehension exercises.

ReadWorks – Reading – Free (Parent Led) – Driven by cognitive science research, ReadWorks helps with reading comprehension and student achievement. Recommended by Mrs. Kidd.

Smart Music – Band – Free (Self Led) – A very rich resource for band musicians. This is normally subscription based, but free during COVID-19 related school closures. Recommended by Mr. Pollard.

The SOLUTIONS Song – Chemistry – Free (Self Led) – Recommended by Ms. Pamplin.

Solutions: Crash Course Chemistry #27 – Chemistry – Free (Self Led) – Recommended by Ms. Pamplin.

Stanford History Education Group – History – Free (Self Led) – Multiple Links with video led lessons. Recommended by Ms. Marks.

Study Island – Multiple Subjects – Free (Self Led) – Provides standards based practice to enhance learning with a one year free trial.

Theater Channel – Theater – Free (Self Led) – This is a crash course theater channel. Recommended by Mrs. Maleare.

Water & Solutions – for Dirty Laundry: Crash Course Chemistry #7 – Chemistry – Free (Self Led) – Recommended by Ms. Pamplin.

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