Our year ended on a much different note that in the previous years. Instead of having a fun-filled kindergarten and 5th grade graduation and end of school party, we had a drive through graduations for our students. We feel it is important to honor our elementary students’ achievements and celebrate them with our community. Please read about our elementary awards below.


5th Grade Presidential Awards Recipients

Founded in 1983, the President’s Education Awards Program (PEAP) honors graduating elementary, middle, and high school students for their academic achievement and hard work. This honor recognizes students who earned a grade point average of at least 90% on their report cards for 3rd-5th grades and achieved a high score on their MAP tests for the current school year.

Recipients from Mrs. Ellis’ Class:

  • Kenton Auberger
  • Avi Bischoff
  • Amayah Brinkley
  • Solis Gauthier
  • Jordan Grable
  • Henley Magee
  • Jacob Martinez
  • Liora Naidu
  • Bryce O’Sullivan
  • Arlyn Pothina
  • Sergio Spehar
  • Ellie Walters


Recipients from Mr. Morrow’s Class:

  • Graham Auberger
  • Ileri Babalola
  • Levi Baron
  • Ava Cavada
  • Jatn Childers
  • Dalton Griswold
  • Renee Groomes
  • Joshua Howe
  • Skyla Jimenez
  • Jacob Klein-Bradham
  • Anu Oguntade
  • Levi Olewin
  • Charlie Osborn
  • Haven Peterson
  • Alex Schehl
  • Tucker Smith
  • Jack Sutton


Math Command Retired Generals

These students achieved the rank of General Gold, successfully mastering all levels of Math Command.

  • Ileri Babalola
  • Amayah Brinkley
  • A.J. Koncaba
  • Joey Luu
  • Sriya Manda
  • Okay Okorafor
  • Bryce O’Sullivan
  • Arlyn Pothina


Citizens of the Year

These students were chosen by their teacher as the outstanding Citizen of the Year.

  • Anna Weed – K/Harper
  • Cale Rohlack – 1st/Benton
  • Collin Fiddler – 1st/Burcham
  • Emma Prundeanu – 2nd/Gittinger
  • London Pimentel – 2nd/Patterson
  • Tobi Babalola – 3rd/Burcham
  • Mallory Henley – 3rd/Kidd
  • Kolten Simon – 4th/Best
  • Margaret Banks – 4th/Gunn
  • Liora Naidu – 5th/Ellis
  • Ileri Babalola – 5th/Morrow


Perfect Attendance Awards

Students who were present at school “bell to bell” (no tardies or absences) every day; this year’s calculation was based on the first three-quarters of school only – 4th quarter was not counted

  • Karo Howard – K4
  • Caroline Pollard – K4
  • Aiden Kuczynski – Kindergarten
  • Hannah Jennings – 1st
  • Aiden Paras – 1st
  • Lilly Lotfalian – 1st
  • Delilah Lotfalian – 2nd
  • Paul Sheth – 2nd
  • Finn Giesbrecht – 2nd
  • Violet Browne – 3rd
  • Tobi Olasode – 4th
  • Mark Sheth – 4th


We are so proud of our elementary Bears! Today and every day, it’s a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!

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