In the past decade, the Brentwood family experienced growth and happiness, embraced change with the addition of football and Bellas and Pep Band and continued to cherish tradition in the ways the school puts an emphasis on a Christ-centered academic environment.  We faced tragedy as a united front when loved ones were lost, and overcame obstacles of a wide variety. Not only have we entered a new year but a new decade as well. The future holds a great deal of unknowns but our school and its leaders will trust in the guidance and blessing of God, just as they have before. My prayer for this beautiful school and its community of leaders, students, and parents is a simple one.


Brentwood has a long-standing tradition and dedication to loving its students and their families. BCS cares for the students that walk the halls by providing a quality education but takes it one step further by striving to mold the students in a Christ-like manner. Just as BCS acts in service for their students, I pray the same care is shown for the BCS campus. I pray that those who work tirelessly to create the upstanding academic and spiritual environment find their goals achieved and purposes fulfilled. I pray that God makes His will known and gives the leaders of BCS the perseverance to follow-through so that our school continues to grow and can better serve our Community.


I ask that God watch over our teachers as we enter a new year. I pray that they allow God to use them as vessels for His grace and love. I ask that God watch over their classrooms and be present among their students. Our teachers work diligently to prepare our students for college and life outside of academia, and I pray that God blesses them with patience, wisdom, and peace as they navigate busy workdays.


I pray for the students both small and tall who spend many hours being poured into Brentwood. I ask that God watches over them and protects them. The students at Brentwood are the heart of the school; their talents, thoughts, and art fill the classrooms each day. I pray that they keep working and keep striving. I ask that God open their hearts to His word and that they can deepen their relationships with others as well as Him. With each graduating class, a new set of leaders steps further into the world and I’m sure BCS is proud of the students that have come through the school in the past decade.


I have seen first-hand how Brentwood comes together to offer comfort during a tragedy. Through battles with cancer, the passing away of loved ones, and when medical needs add pressure to families, Brentwood has shown great love for its community during these troubling times. I pray for continued strength and increased peace for any in the midst of turmoil. I pray also for the BCS community as a whole for renewed strength and continued trust in the Lord to bear the weight of coming obstacles this year. For those offering support, I ask that the Lord guide their words and use them to share Christ’s love. If hardships befall members of the BCS family, I pray that they find strength and support through their network of servant-minded people.


So many lives pass through Brentwood’s campus and I pray that Brentwood will be the light, offering compassion and generosity when necessary. I pray that BCS continues to set a Christ-like example for the community and strives to never stop learning.


With Love,
Kaylie Angello


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