Our BCS Bears did it again! The 2018 SAT Annual Report is out, and our Bears are exceptional! Before we talk about our Bears, let’s look at some averages. The national average for the SAT was 1068, with an ERW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) score of 536 and a Math score of 531. When looking at the breakdown between public schools, religious schools, and independent schools, a bigger picture can be seen. Public schools performed lower than average, with a total score of 1049. Religious schools performed higher than average, with a total mean score of 1153. Independent schools performed higher than average as well having an overall mean of 1188.


With all of those facts laid out, let’s talk about our Bears. Our Bears had a total mean score of 1244. This is 14% higher than the national average, 16% higher than the public school average, 7% higher than the religious school average, 5% higher than the independent average. Way to go Bears!


How about Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW)? Our Bears scored 14% higher than the combined national average of all schools. They scored 15% better than public schools average, 7% better than religious schools, and 7% better than independent schools.


How about Math? Our Bears scored 14% better than the national average. They scored 16% better than public schools 8% better than religious schools and 2% better than the average of Independent Schools.


The SAT is the gateway assessment to higher education. Your Bears continue to test at the highest levels against all national competition. Stop and take a look sometime at the BCS Education Roadmap. The roadmap is posted in each building. What you will see in that roadmap is the purposeful planning for the SAT and college admission beginning in lower elementary and continuing through your Bear’s senior year. When you couple the education with the incredible BCS community and, most importantly, with the true purpose of all education – Christ, you begin to see why our Bears continue to excel at the highest levels locally, statewide, and nationally


SAT Scores – 2018




625 619



580 608



581 572



529 520


National Mean 536 531



So now let’s take a look at what these outstanding SAT results yield. We are often asked where our Bears go once they graduate. There is an assumption that they all head to a private, Christian school. While this is a wonderful outcome and some are blessed to do so, most of our students follow their passions and spread across the country following their educational dreams. Below is a list of schools that had multiple BCS graduates attend over the past 5 years. After the schools listed, we have had students go to schools ranging from Auburn to Vanderbilt and from Belmont to Ottawa. The great news is that our students are prepared and, for the most part, they have options to continue their education at the school of their choosing. Here are the most attended schools of BCS alumni:


  • Texas A&M – 11%
  • ACC – 10%
  • UT Austin – 8%
  • ACU – 6%
  • Texas State – 6%
  • Harding – 5%
  • UT Dallas – 5%
  • UT San Antonio – 4%
  • Baylor – 3%
  • Texas Tech – 3%
  • Mary Hardin Baylor – 3%
  • UT Arlington – 3%
  • The other 33% are attending the following schools:
    • Arizona State University
    • Art Institute of San Antonio
    • Auburn University
    • Azusa Pacific University
    • Belmont
    • City University of New York
    • Clarendon College
    • Cowley College
    • Drexel University
    • Faulkner University
    • George Washington University
    • Georgia Tech University
    • Henderson State University
    • Gordon College
    • Liberty University
    • Lyon College
    • McLennan College
    • Middle Tennessee State University
    • Moody Bible Institute
    • New York University
    • Parsons School of Design
    • Pepperdine University
    • Lipscomb University
    • Oklahoma Christian University
    • Texas A&M Commerce
    • Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    • Texas A&M Galveston
    • Trinity University
    • University of Texas – Tyler
    • York College
    • Blinn College
    • Lubbock Christian University
    • St Edward’s University
    • Savannah College of Art and Design
    • Schreiner University
    • State University of New York
    • Southern Methodist University
    • Southwestern University
    • Tarleton State University
    • Temple College
    • Tyler Junior College
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of California – Irvine
    • University of Houston
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Oklahoma
    • University of Oregon
    • University of Ottawa
    • University of Utah
    • Vanderbilt University
    • West Texas A&M University
    • Angelo State University
    • Colorado State University
    • Concordia University
    • Dallas Baptist University
    • Hardin Simmons University


A diverse student body that is excelling academically both on campus and in higher education across the country. This school and this community has sparked lights that are now the “city on the hill” across the country. These results do not occur in just the senior year for our Bears. They excel because of the social skills they learn early and the emotional skills they learn throughout and the academics that are tailored for college preparation and the focus on all – that Christ is the reason and the purpose we learn. If we glorify Him in our effort then the glory will be for our Father in Heaven. I truly believe that our Lord is pleased with our Bears!


It is a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!


Jay Burcham

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