One of the things that make Brentwood truly a special place is our amazing community. This is one of the things we have all missed the most through COVID protocols. Current PTF President, Jennifer Smeltzer took this office during COVID she had this to say of her first year, “No one was on campus and events were getting canceled or rescheduled that we kept planning. I really took the first year as a refocusing year for the PTF.“ It seems that year to regroup and refocus has really paid off! 


“Now my second year has been successful, I’m excited about where we will be going. I’d like to continue to have the PTF be a presence on campus through our events and activities. I want to provide opportunities for teachers and our students to take a moment and enjoy school life. I’ve got a list of projects and events I’d like to bring onto campus next year or even 2 years from now” says Mrs. Smeltzer.


One of our first big on-campus community events this year was Fall Fest. While we were unable to hold this annual event in 2020, PTF more than made up for it this year. Those who have been part of our community for some time saw the return of classics like the dunk tank, crafting stations, and the duck pull game while also being wowed by the new attractions such as a rock-climbing wall, food trucks, and a life-sized Hungry Hungry Hippos inflatable game. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what PTF has done. They really set the bar high for both returning and new families.


In addition to planning events such as Fall Fest, our PTF also took over the athletic concessions this year. No matter what high school sport you go to watch, our PTF members along with parent volunteers are serving up hot dogs, nachos, chips, soda, and so much more. They fed our families during our basketball green-out, white-out, and black-out games putting together packaged meal deals for just the occasion. 


What’s the most fun thing about being a part of PTF? According to Jennifer, it is meeting the teachers, parents, and students. “It has been fun seeing the interaction of students on campus not only within their grade but how everyone interacts. I’ve also met parents that I would not have known without being able to be at a sporting event and working concessions. And who knew concessions could be so fun!”


PTF’s most recent successes include a well-attended uniform resale and a family skate night. Feedback from the skate night has been overwhelmingly positive. This was a private event not open to the outside public that allowed our faculty, students, and parents the opportunity to bond and fellowship in a safe environment off-campus. Most families actually thought this was a fundraiser but it was not. The Skate Night Event was simply a sponsored event paid for by PTF as a thank you to the community for all of their support.


There are many fun activities planned for the spring including a Bingo Night on March 25th, a Family Fun & Service night in April, and a Trivia Night in May. According to Jennifer, “ I’m looking forward to our spring activities. It is time to get back into the community spirit and this will be a way to do that. We saw with skate night that everyone was ready to come out and have fun. I’d like to keep the momentum for the rest of the year.” Be sure to keep your eye on your email for all of the details! 


You may ask yourself, with such a successful year is there anything PTF struggles with, or are they Super Humans? “Our largest struggle has been increasing membership. Many parents felt that PTF was only for elementary. This is shown when looking at who are members of the PTF.  It does fall into a lot of elementary families. We want to get at least a 50% membership and are currently at about 20%. We’ve implemented a middle school and high school liaison this year to ensure we are offering activities for the secondary students”. 


What parting words does Jennifer have for our community reading this blog, other than the fact that they should join PTF? “The PTF really appreciates all your support this year. Without your support with poinsettia sales, Kendra Gives Back or Fall Fest we would not be able to provide as much as we have/are this year. To have raised and given back as much as we have this year is amazing. I thank you and can’t wait to see where we go next year.”


Our PTF wouldn’t be as successful without the support of our community, but we also can’t forget our PTF president, the PTF executive team, and the PTF chairs who have worked tirelessly this year.


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