On Saturday, February 24th Brentwood hosted the PSIA Academic Meet. Kay Taylor, along with an amazing group of volunteers, did a fantastic job getting the campus ready and making sure everything ran smoothly. Our elementary and middle school students have been practicing and studying for this all school year, and they did wonderfully! 50% ranked in the top 6! We have a team of 17 who made State! That is over 25% of our District team including both elementary and middle school! One scored a perfect score on her test; a fourth grader made State in all four of his events, including 3 first place rankings; and a sixth grader topped 1st or 2nd in three events for State qualification! Here are the PSIA District results for our Bears:

Ranking District Bears:
Art Memory 8 – Sophie Grooms 4th Lola Ohlhaver 5th , Samantha Parras 6th
Calculator 6-8 – Parker Combs 3rd , Katie Pittner 6th
Dictionary- 4/5 Evan Cardenas 5th
Listening Skills 6-8 – Leah Ankutse 6th
Maps 4- Dylan Sloan 3 rd
Maps 8 – Sydney Cooper 6th
Math 4 – Joshua Gonzales 4th
Math 5 – Zino Etakibuebu 3rd
Math 8 – Parker Combs 4th
Number Sense 4- Joshua Gonzales 5th , Roy Markham 6th
Number Sense 5- Victor Koncaba 3rd , Zino Etakibuebu 6th
Number Sense 7th – Zachary Tran 6th (competed as a 7th grader)
Number Sense 8th – Parker Combs 5th
Science 7th – Clive Whaley 3rd
Science 8th – Janae Thompson 4th , Kimberley Jolly 6th
Spelling 4 – Joshua Gonzales 6th
Spelling 6 – Chase Allen 6th
Vocabulary 5 – Victor Koncaba 6th
Vocabulary 7 – Clive Whaley 6th
Creative Writing 1 – Claire Yang 4th
Creative Writing 2 – Caitlin Kahan 2nd
Impromptu Speaking – Drew Phipps 5th after Final Round
Modern Oratory – Quentin Fowler 5th
On-Site Drawing 6 – Elayne Ruiz 3rd


Zoe Cooper 7th – Art Memory 2nd Pl
Sophie Grooms 8th – Art Memory 4th Place
Renne Cooper – Calculator 1st Place,
-Math 6 1st ,
-Number Sense 1st
Ellie Nagle – tied for 2nd in Dictionary with Katie Pittner
– Vocabulary 6 1st Place
Katie Pittner – tied for 2nd with Ellie Nagle
Ike Ruiz – Maps 6 2nd Place
Hunter Perkins – Maps 8 2nd Place
Nathan Eshe – Math 7 2nd Place,
-Numbers Sense 7 1st Place
Juliet Booker – Music Memory 5/6 Perfect Score 1st Place
Chase Allen – Vocab 6 2nd Place
Sarah Walker – On-Site Drawing 7 1st Place
Samantha Parras – On Site Drawing 8 2nd Place
Lucy Belcik – Ready Writing 6 1st Place

Michael Kolagani – Listening 4/5 1st Place
– Music Memory 3, 4 1st Place
– Spelling 4 1st Place
– Ready Writing 4 2nd Place
Mark Sheth – Spelling 2 tied for 2nd Place
Liora Naidu – Spelling 3 2nd Place
Jocelyn Galvan – Spelling 5 2nd Place
Aiden Clapp – Creative Writing 1 1st Place
Caitlin Kahan – Storytelling 2 1st Place


It truly is a great day to be a Brentwood Bear!

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