Dear BCS Community,

This past weekend BCS said goodbye to two dear friends.  Bruce Hagen, husband to our Penny and father to Allison was laid to rest Sunday.  Bill Trees, grandfather to Adrie and Evan and father to Brandi (Brian) Gruis was laid to rest Saturday.  Both of these men were celebrated this weekend and we were reminded of their constant service to our school.  Both services turned into celebrations and were filled with laughter and stories of exploits of fun times.  Both services were reminders that goodbye is hard, but in Christ, goodbye is only temporary.  So until we meet again in the arms of Christ, goodbye for now Bruce and Bill.

BCS has a big announcement for our families who live in the north Round Rock/Georgetown/Cedar Park area.  Beginning next school year, 2018-19, BCS will begin a bus service running to and from Westside Church of Christ which is located off of 1431 halfway between Round Rock and Cedar Park.  The bus will leave the Westside parking lot each morning on a nonstop one-way trip to BCS, and will return after school on a nonstop one-way trip that afternoon.  The bus registration will open in the early spring and will be open for all grade levels.  Just think, how great will it be to drive minutes each day to a bus drop-off rather than miles each day in traffic!  BCS is working to become more accessible to our families so watch for pending registration announcements as well as other bus opportunities in the future.

As we near the holiday season, please know that your child has been prayed for by name and your family has been lifted to our Lord in supplication of safety, happiness, and health.  Although there have been some sad days on our campus lately, the outpouring of support and love has been tremendous and it has been a reminder that when Christ is present, hope is eternal.

May God’s grace and mercy be with you, and give you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year!

Jay Burcham

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