Dear BCS Community,

The last few weeks have been very exciting around campus and the excitement continues.  It was announced last week that Benjamin Helyer is a National Merit Semi-finalist while Tara Whitaker and Lauren Weilemann are Commended Scholars.  This is an incredible achievement for them personally and for a school our size!  It continues an unprecedented academic run going back to our academic State Championships in TAPPS and TCSIT last year, our National Merit Finalists the last few years, and our Top 2 finish in overall SAT scores in central Texas last year.  Your BCS students are incredibly smart and they have a wonderful faculty guiding their academic growth.

Aside from this incredible academic growth we witnessed the band playing “Sweet Caroline” on the field at halftime on Friday!  Two-thousand people were singing along to the Neil Diamond classic as our BCS Band led our student body and our community from the field.  The best part of the rendition was that the band was made up of the Claw Crew, cheerleaders, and even football players still in their full uniforms.  It made me so happy to see all of our students playing at such a high level and coming together on the field to a huge crowd with an even larger ovation.  What an omen of things to come!  Between the band, the cheerleaders, and the Lady Bellas, I can honestly say that the BCS home games have become an event that transcends athletics, arts, and community.

Just this week, 1st grade is going on a fishing trip, 2nd and 5th grade are doing their MAPP testing, and our 4th graders are going to the Bullock museum.  Our volleyball team is 6-0 in district play and our football team is currently undefeated and ranked #10 in the state and is getting ready to host the #1 team in the state at BCS this Friday.  These are exciting times at Brentwood Christian School!

All of these achievements are wonderful and are most certainly worth celebrating, and celebrate we will.  But these achievements are not who we are.  These achievements are simply what we do.  Who we are is instead defined by what we believe, and what we know to be the fundamental important truth of purpose, and that truth is that all we do and all we achieve is purposeful because we do all to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We do all we do, and we achieve all we achieve, because we work to His glory and in His honor.

In the midst of hectic and even crazy fun times, it is so important to slow down and talk to God and then be still and hear His replies.  Because of this, we want to invite our BCS community to meet us at the flagpole on Wednesday, September 27 at 7:30am for donuts and juice.  Then at 7:40am, we will all go to the amphitheater next to the flagpole where we will spend a few minutes in song praising God and then a few minutes in prayer lifting our hearts and our minds to Him for supplication, guidance, strength, forgiveness, and courage.

We have had huge crowds at our home games this year, and it has been so encouraging to our team, our Lady Bellas, our cheerleaders, our band, and our Claw Crew.  Think of how encouraging it will be to your BCS Bear if you spent 15 minutes sharing a donut and singing, and then hand-in-hand with your Bear lifting our blessed school to our Lord.

See you at the flagpole Wednesday.

It is a great day to be a BCS Bear!

Jay Burcham
BCS President

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