The Spring Semester at our middle school is full of excitement and discovery!

The journey begins this week as our 6th graders set off on a thrilling adventure to NASA. Imagine the wonder and awe as they explore the mysteries of the universe firsthand. Next on the horizon is the visit to the Capitol exploration for our 7th graders as they get the opportunity to sit in on a Supreme Court case. And the anticipation builds for later in the semester when our 8th graders embark on a life-changing trip to the Holocaust Museum.

But wait, there’s more! Our middle school sports scene is fun and entertaining. Encourage your student to come out and support their friends.  Sign-ups are now open for our spring sports- eSports, co-ed soccer and track and field.

Be sure to join us for our great community wide events as well. Mark your calendars for the captivating showing of The Chosen—an event that promises entertainment and inspiration. And don’t forget to reserve your spot at the Partnership Dinner, a night filled with connection and shared purpose. The spring semester brings a lot of opportunities for all of us to come together, be involved, and share in the mission that unites us all.

We hope to see you around campus, ready for a season of growth, laughter, and shared experiences! 


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