Social media has changed over the years and as adults, it’s time we catch up to our children in this area.   Research states that most adults use Facebook as their main source of social media to keep up with our friends, family members, and classmates.  We even keep up with our children on their Facebook page. The problem is that our children are only using Facebook for our sake; so we can see the information that our children want us to see.  Facebook is no longer the most popular social media used by teens. Teens post online using SnapChat, Instagram, and Instagram Live. Parents use Facebook. Again, what should we do? Learn how to use the social media that our children are using.


How do we learn how to use SnapChat, Instagram and Instagram Live when we work full time jobs, raise children, support our spouses, take care of our homes, worship, etc.?  Good question. The first thing you may want to do is to ask your child what social media do they post to most often? After learning this, ask to see their SnapChat or Instagram.  You’ll probably hear a resounding “No!”, but with respect, and you may ask yourself why. It’s because our children have had so much privacy that they don’t want to lose it. Children have been monitoring themselves on these mediums for some time, and they like the independence they have. Teenagers know that they have more knowledge than most of us when it comes to posting on social media because it keeps them two-to-three steps ahead of adults.


What do we need to know about SnapChat, Instagram and Instagram Live?   Most parents know that in all three mediums, students have the opportunity to post lots of different information online, and in a matter of seconds, what was posted disappears.  Both Snapchat and Instagram are online communities for teens to communicate without adult monitoring. Both can give teens the false sense of security that they can post inappropriate words, pictures, and videos without being caught.  Both can be private if settings are established correctly. Lastly, parents should set ground rules regarding the usage of these apps.


Social media is a part of the lives of our children, and we should be a part of our children’s social media.  When an adult is not monitoring what’s being said and posted online, children do what is right in their eyes. Proverbs 22:6 states, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.” As we raise our children, it’s imperative that we know what’s going on in their lives every day.  Satan wants our children’s minds. It’s up to us as adults to know what our children are doing online, when they’re at home, at their friends, at school, in the library, etc.


Below are some links that you may want to visit.  They will get you started on your way to understanding the three social media platforms your children post to most.






Carol Johnson
Secondary Principal

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